Truck Accidents

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October 9, 2018

The New York limo crash that ended 20 lives should never have happened; limo fails safety inspections, driver was improperly licensed and the limo company had out-of-service vehicles; why the FMCSA should have shut them down

March 19, 2018

Industry defense lawyers oppose life-saving safety benefits of ELD devices, worried it will lead to full and fair compensation for truck crash injury victims

February 27, 2018

Chameleon carriers – dangerous trucking companies using new names to hide history of safety violations – are 3 times more likely to cause a truck accident

January 25, 2018

To lower premiums and pay less for truck insurance, trucking companies may adopt safety measures such as on-board cameras, cell phone blocks to reduce numbers of preventable truck crashes; paying less for insurance may motivate industry to do what truck accident lawyers and FMCSA have so far failed to do to make industry safer

December 26, 2017

As nationwide trucker shortage worsens, FMCSA considers loosening safety & medical rules about whether a diabetic person can be a commercial truck driver

November 30, 2017

Trump Administration orders safety officials to stop trying to find a way to reduce truck accidents caused by drivers with sleep apnea

November 21, 2017

Michigan’s fatal truck accident numbers have spiked 29% over past 5 years. We need to do better.

November 20, 2017

New federal report shows truck driver behavior biggest factor behind 87% of truck accidents involving large truck — far ahead of the 10% of crashes blamed on mechanical failure

July 18, 2017

Viable legal claims that injury attorneys can bring when texting and distracted driving are a cause of a truck wreck case

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