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Car Accident Settlement Calculator: How Much is My Case Worth?

Wondering “how much is my case worth?” The short answer is that your settlement is probably worth a lot more than what the other driver’s insurance company is offering. A comprehensive study from the insurance industry itself showed that auto accident injury claims settle for an average of three to four times more when you’re represented by an experienced attorney. To help give you a better idea of how much your case is worth, use our car accident settlement calculator below to help determine a reasonable settlement payment.

Car Accident Settlement Calculator

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Settlement FAQs

Q. Does the state where my crash occurred matter?

Calculating the worth of your car settlement depends on if you were injured in a “pure tort state” or a “No Fault” state.

Historically, attorneys and claims adjusters would use a car accident settlement calculator to determine settlement values in pure tort states by putting a multiple on your “specials,” that is, the total dollar amount of your medical bills and wage loss. The exact multiple would vary, depending on where the crash occurred and other factors. Then the attorneys and claims adjusters would come up with a rough number of how much your case would be worth.

Finding how much your case is worth has changed significantly with Colossus and other insurance company car accident settlement calculator programs. The attorney representing you, and his or her reputation at trial, is now one of the most important factors that insurance companies use today in finding how much your case is worth.
Car accident settlement calculators aren’t as cut in dry in No-Fault states. Michigan is a good example of a No Fault state. Some states, like Michigan, have very unique laws that make them different from the rest of the country. These states also often have injury threshold requirements, meaning that a person injured in a motor vehicle accident must suffer an injury that’s sufficiently serious in order to recover money damages, such as pain and suffering compensation in a lawsuit filed against the insurance company of the driver who caused your car accident.

Whatever state you were injured in, we recommend contacting a lawyer for a free consultation to determine how much your case is worth. They can gather valuable information about your case and use their car accident settlement calculator to help you calculate what your settlement could be.

Q. What are the qualifications to make sure you talk to an experienced, licensed attorney who can help you calculate your settlement value?

Our attorneys have worked with excellent automobile accident attorneys throughout the country using car accident settlement calculators to find out how much their auto accident case is worth. If your accident occurred outside of Michigan, we can make a free recommendation on your behalf to a highly regarded, experienced local attorney who’s licensed in your state. This attorney can then answer your questions in detail and use their car accident settlement calculator help you calculate what the value will be for your case.

In addition, attorney Steven Gursten is the current President of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association, a national association of auto accident attorneys. Steve has lectured at over 200 legal seminars across the country, teaching lawyers how to litigate car and truck accident cases, and how to maximize accident settlement values. Steve is the Past-Chair of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Group. He also serves on the executive boards of several preeminent national lawyer organizations, including the Melvin M. Belli Trial Lawyers Society, the Taos Injury Lawyers Group, and the American Association for Justice Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group. In this capacity, Steve and the other attorneys at this law firm have worked with excellent and experienced auto accident attorneys throughout the country.

Q. What factors determine how much my case is worth?

Here are some of the factors that insurance companies and insurance adjusters consider when using their car accident settlement calculator software to calculate the value of your injury claim after a motor vehicle crash in the state of Michigan:

Insurance policy Limits
The liability policy limit of the at-fault driver who crashed into you.
The liability policy limit of the owner of the vehicle being driven by the at-fault driver who crashed into you.
The coverage limit on your uninsured and underinsured motorist policies.

Vehicle damage
Whether there was no or very minor vehicle damage, significant vehicle damage or vehicle damage only, and no injury.

Whether your injuries are fully resolved with minor treatment.
Whether you’re still having pain and receiving medical treatment.
The type of injury. For instance, an injury to neck, back or spinal cord or a minor sprain or strain, that is now resolved. Also, brain injury, lost consciousness or post-traumatic amnesia are considered.
Whether you have fractures or an injury requiring surgery.

The amount of time from work missed, or whether you’re off of work and/or have been disabled from work by a treating doctor.

Truck accidents and cashes involving commercial trucks
If you were injured in a crash with a commercial truck, the minimum bodily injury liability policy limit is significantly higher than automobiles. Under federal law, trucks are required to have $750,000 in bodily injury liability insurance.

Q. What car accident settlement calculator do insurance companies use to calculate the value of a settlement?

Insurance companies use car accident settlement calculator software to help calculate the value of an accident settlement on their end, meaning what they want to offer to settle your case before it can go to trial. One of those is a software is called Colossus. This particular software is used by many of the country’s largest insurance companies, such as Allstate. Here’s a list of “Colossus Value Drivers” this car accident settlement calculator software uses to calculate the amount awarded to crash victims:

Your diagnosed injuries.

Your symptoms and the length of your symptoms.

Your medical treatment and its duration.

Your referrals to specialists.

Your diagnostic testing and imaging testing, such as MRIs and EMGs that objectively manifest your injury.

Your medical doctor’s prognosis.

Your medical doctors. Generally, many of these car accident settlement calculator software discounts chiropractic treatment.

Your impairment level. Your impairment level reflects lifestyle impact. It can include duration that you’re unable to return to work and what medical doctors have disabled you from working, performing household activities and enjoying hobbies and activities that you did before your automobile accident.

Whether or not you have any pre-existing conditions, prior injuries, insurance claims or lawsuits.

Your lawyer. Today, the insurance companies keep track of your lawyer and his or her track record. Does a lawyer settle cases “short” as they get closer to trial? Has it been years, or even decades, since your lawyer took a case to trial? Who the lawyer is can be one of the biggest value drivers in claims software programs. Bad faith litigation has exposed that some insurance companies will pay a settlement for up to four times more if you have an attorney who is experienced in litigating motor vehicle accident cases and has a reputation for being willing to take a case to trial if the accident settlement offers are too low.

Q. Do I need a lawyer?

The good news is, often you may not. The vast majority of automobile accidents are minor, and you may not need to hire a lawyer. Many smaller claims that do not involve injuries but do involve vehicle damage can be often be resolved without an attorney at all, under the state’s small claims courts or if the state has a mini tort law, just by submitting the correct forms and information.

However, if you were hurt in a car accident, speaking with an experienced lawyer is always a good idea. A lawyer can help answer your legal questions and make sure you’re protecting your legal rights. And when it comes to car accident settlement calculators and determining how much your case is worth, an experienced lawyer can make sure the other driver’s insurance company isn’t trying to take unfair advantage of you.

Another important takeaway is for people who are not represented but who are contacted by insurance company adjusters is to beware of “low-ball” accident settlement offers. There is, after all, a reason insurance companies try to contact accident victims and settle cases shortly after a car accident. The reason isn’t because they like to give away money. It is because it’s in insurance companies’ financial interest to do so.

Q. The insurance company is calling me. Are they offering what my case is worth?

After a car accident, people will often find adjusters calling them at home, writing them letters, and even knocking on doors. Our clients have told us it feels like they’re literally being stalked by adjusters from the insurance company.

Why are they doing this?

Because insurance companies know it is in their financial interest to make accident settlement offers quickly, often just days or weeks after a car crash.

The insurance industry calculates that a represented claimant (a person who has hired a lawyer to represent them) may cost the insurance company up to four times more than an unrepresented claimant. That fact came from a study that was performed by McKinsey & Company consulting, which was hired by Allstate, the “good hands” people. It also began the advent over the past 25 years of insurance companies using injury claims software, such as Colossus and other car accident settlement calculator programs.

This means one of two things for you:
If you were involved in a car accident, you have an injury that you and your doctors feel is fully resolved and is truly minor, you missed little or no time from work, your injuries have had no impact on your lifestyle, and an insurance company adjuster calls you at home and wants to write you a check, I often tell people to take it.

But if you’re still hurting, if you’re missing work, or if you have suffered any injury involving a traumatic brain injury or injury to the spine or spinal discs in your neck and back, then it’s not worth rushing into an accident settlement. At this stage, this is when a car accident settlement calculator comes in handy as you truly have no idea how much your case is worth, or if these injuries can become progressively worse and disabling. Often, what can seem as minor can require surgery and have serious medical complications.

Our attorneys always recommend you discuss your injuries with a qualified and experienced lawyer so you can learn about all of your legal rights under No Fault.  With your information, they can use their car accident settlement calculator to help you evaluate how much your case is worth and let you know what your car accident settlement options may be. You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table – and giving up vital legal rights and protections by settling too soon.

Remember, you don’t have to take what’s being offered by the insurance company.

When it comes to a car accident settlement calculator for Michigan, it’s a very different state and its No Fault and auto accident threshold laws usually mean some amount of time must pass before you and your lawyer can have a clear idea of how to calculate your settlement value.

We hope this information along with our car accident settlement calculator form has helped you get a better understanding of what it takes to calculate your settlement and what the auto laws are in Michigan that you will be required to meet in order to recover an accident settlement.

We have listed on this page some of the key factors that go into determining what insurance companies consider when deciding upon the value of an auto accident case that’s in litigation. Remember, the entire point of an auto insurance claims adjuster contacting you early after a crash is that he or she is seeking a substantial discount of how much your case is worth could potentially be.

If you have further questions in regards to our car accident settlement calculator and how much your case is worth, our attorneys are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.