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Michigan Auto Law Speaking Engagements, Presentations and Legal Conferences

Lawyers who are selected as event speakers at legal conferences are chosen because of their exceptional depth of knowledge and their ability to convey that knowledge effectively to others. Michigan Auto Law attorneys are frequent speakers at public and legal industry speaking engagements and seminars.

Our attorneys regularly speak at legal conferences and Public Events

Our attorneys speak regularly to a wide variety of groups at both legal conferences and public events. From informational engagements with the public on reducing distracted driving to seminars sharing years of acquired industry-specific knowledge with fellow attorneys, we are frequently honored to serve as speakers at major legal conferences and public events. We believe that maintaining the expertise required of speakers benefits our clients, the legal profession, and the public.

You will find below highlights of some of the speaking events, presentations and legal conferences our attorneys have participated in through the years.

Previous Events

Steven Gursten, Speaker/Faculty, "Inside Trucking Litigation: Limited Edition Series"; American Association for Justice Trucking Litigation Group; Hosted from Washington, D.C.; December 2020

Joshua R. Terebelo, Speaker, "How Changes to Michigan’s No-Fault Law Could Impact Workers’ Compensation Claimants"; Workers’ Compensation Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan – Winter Meeting; Hosted from Lansing, MI; December 2020

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Proving and Winning Distracted Driving"; American Association for Justice/SeminarWeb; Hosted from Washington, D.C.; November 2020

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Evidence of Distracted Driving in Car Crashes: Find it, prove it, and use it to help your client's case"; Michigan Association for Justice – SeminarWeb; Hosted from Lansing, MI; November 2020

Jordan M. Jones, Speaker, "Truck Cases: Truck Anatomy 101"; Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles - Trucking Super Stars A-Z Series; Hosted from Los Angeles, CA; November 2020

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "4 Ways to Double the Value of Your TBI Case"; Maximizing the Value of Your TBI Case: Tips from the Masters - North Carolina Advocates for Justice; Hosted from Raleigh, NC; November 2020

Alex Kemp, Speaker, "Implementation and Impact of the New Priority Rules"; No-Fault Reform: Recent Developments and Emerging Strategies, Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE); Webinar ; November 2020

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Deposing Truck Drivers in Injury Cases – Encore Presentation with Live Q & A"; Strafford's Webinars; National ; October 2020

Robert M. Raitt, Speaker, "Litigating Tort Claims for Non-Economic Loss"; No-Fault Institute XVII; Hosted from Lansing, MI; October 2020

Joshua R. Terebelo, Speaker, "Tort Claims for Out of State Residents"; No-Fault Institute XVII; Hosted from Lansing, MI; October 2020