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Michigan Auto Law Speaking Engagements, Presentations and Legal Conferences

Lawyers who are selected as event speakers at legal conferences are chosen because of their exceptional depth of knowledge and their ability to convey that knowledge effectively to others. Michigan Auto Law attorneys are frequent speakers at public and legal industry speaking engagements and seminars.

Our attorneys regularly speak at legal conferences and Public Events

Our attorneys speak regularly to a wide variety of groups at both legal conferences and public events. From informational engagements with the public on reducing distracted driving to seminars sharing years of acquired industry-specific knowledge with fellow attorneys, we are frequently honored to serve as speakers at major legal conferences and public events. We believe that maintaining the expertise required of speakers benefits our clients, the legal profession, and the public.

You will find below highlights of some of the speaking events, presentations and legal conferences our attorneys have participated in through the years.

Upcoming Events

Alison Duffy, Presenter, "How to Deal with Medicare and Medicaid Liens"; No-Fault Summit, Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE); Plymouth, MI; May 2019

Robert M. Raitt, Speaker, "Proving Traumatic Brain Injury"; No-Fault Summit, Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE); Plymouth, MI; May 2019

Steven Gursten, Moderator, "Advocacy Track for Personal Injury Trial Attorneys"; Michigan Association for Justice’s 74th Annual Convention; Detroit, MI; May 2019

Kevin H. Seiferheld, Speaker, "Understanding Bubba – Evolving Your Trial Messaging to Reach Today’s Jurors"; Michigan Association for Justice’s 74th Annual Convention; Detroit, MI; May 2019

Steven Gursten, Presenter, "Leveraging Demand Letters to Obtain Significant Settlements in Auto Accident Cases"; Strafford Webinars national CLE webinar; Online; May 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Exposing Deceptive Medical Experts"; New Jersey Association for Justice's Cross-Examination Seminar; New Brunswick, NJ; June 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Let your Fitbit do the talking: Proving damages and liability"; 72nd Annual Melvin M. Belli Society Seminar; San Diego, CA; July 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases"; Strafford nationwide legal CLE Webinar; online; September 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Winning Car Accident Cases at Trial"; Arizona Association for Justice’s Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference; Tempe, AZ; October 2019

Previous Events

Steven Gursten, Course advisor, moderator and speaker, "Rebutting defense attacks in the TBI case"; Best of the Best: Mastering the Fundamentals of a TBI case; Las Vegas, NV; April 2019

Alison Duffy, Presenter, "Trial Preparation"; Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), On-demand webcast; Ann Arbor, MI; April 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Overcoming the Gap in Time/Delay in Diagnosis – These are Not Case Killers/How To Get More Money on the Same Car Wreck Injury Case than Your Competitors"; Auto Crash Litigation 6.0 - 360 Advocacy; Las Vegas, NV; April 2019

Steven Gursten, Presenter, "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury In Motor Vehicle Crash Cases: How To Identify And Prove This To Adjusters And Juries"; Michigan Association for Justice national webinar; online; March 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Causation and Damages Steps You Must Take During the First 90 Days of the Handling of the Closed Head Injury Case – Remember: Procrastination Will Devour the Case"; Florida Justice Association Workhorse Seminar; Orlando, FL; February 2019

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Motor Vehicle Crash Cases: How to Identify and Prove This to Adjusters and Juries"; American Association for Justice webinar; National; February 2019

Steven Gursten, President and Moderator, "Traumatic Brain Injury Convention"; American Association for Justice Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group Members Only Seminar 2018; Washington, D.C.; December 1-2, 2018

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Cross-Examining the Uncooperative Defense Expert"; Ohio Association for Justice’s 2018 Winter Convention; Cleveland, OH; October 2018

Steven Gursten, Speaker, "Winning Brain Injury Cases"; Nevada Justice Association’s 42nd Annual Convention Seminar 2018; San Diego, CA; October 2018

Kevin H. Seiferheld, Speaker, "Best Practices for Proving Threshold Injuries"; Michigan Association for Justice’s 15th Annual No-Fault Institute; Novi, MI; October 2018