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How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost? Car Accident Lawyer Fees At Michigan Auto Law Explained

How Much Are Car Accident Lawyer Fees?

At Michigan Auto Law we have a simple promise – we’ll never ask you to write us a check or pay us any car accident lawyer fees unless we win your auto, truck or motorcycle case. We are committed to you and your case, so our time is our investment. If we can’t win, we don’t get paid, it’s that easy. Your car accident lawyer costs nothing unless you receive a settlement or trial verdict.

The experienced and nationally renowned attorneys of Michigan Auto Law work on an attorney contingency fee, which includes our 100 percent client satisfaction guarantee.

Car Accident Lawyer Fees Based On An Attorney Contingency Fee System

Michigan Auto Law’s car accident lawyer fees are based on an attorney contingency fee system meaning your car accident lawyer fees are “contingent” on whether (if, and only if) an attorney recovers on your behalf. Michigan Auto Law’s contingency fee includes our 100 percent client satisfaction guarantee. This means you can hire the expert Michigan Auto Law auto accident attorneys at no cost and without any personal risk regardless of your current economic status.

The goal for lawyers is always to obtain the highest possible award for our clients. The contingent fee system that we utilize offers an additional incentive for us to do so. Our car accident lawyer fees are based on a contingency meaning we are only paid when we win for you, so securing the highest possible award is an important objective.

Bottom line: If we don’t win, you don’t pay any fees.

Insurance companies and big corporations can afford to pay attorneys top dollar, but we work for everyday people who deserve access to our courts without ruining their credit or going bankrupt. We pursue your rights and claims for pain and suffering damages and No-Fault benefits (lost wages, attendant care, household replacement services and medical bills) without any car accident lawyer fees in advance.

Having trouble paying bills after an accident? Here’s how we can help…

Your focus after an accident should be your recovery. Many accident victims can’t return to work or regular activities right away and may quickly experience problems with mounting medical bills, caring for their families or getting the care they need to recover. Let our auto accident attorneys help you during this difficult time by being your advocate and fighting the insurance company on your behalf, so you can focus on healing. The list below has several important ways we can help you during this difficult time.

We can help you recover lost wages and income

The cost of a serious injury can be overwhelming. Most people cannot afford to miss even one paycheck and the No-Fault insurance companies are never in a rush to pay accident victims. The lawyers at Michigan Auto Law will step in immediately to help you gather and submit the proper paperwork to your auto insurance, so you can focus on healing instead of bills.

We can help you receive the most value out of your accident claim

At Michigan Auto Law, accidents and serious personal injuries are the focus of our practice. Our reputation as leaders in the field is acknowledged nationwide and reflected in the professional achievements of our attorneys. Most of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys who need our expertise, as well as from happy and satisfied former clients.

With the most awarded accident lawyers in the State, you can rest easy knowing that you will recover the highest compensation possible for your injuries and damages. We are honored to have the highest industry rankings for personal injury lawyers in Michigan.

Our winning record of notable and top-reported Michigan settlements and verdicts  consistently breaks records. In fact, Attorney at Law Magazine duly noted:

“Michigan Auto Law has been listed for 17 consecutive years with the top reported injury settlements and trial verdicts in Michigan… This remarkable record eclipses every other law firm in Michigan…”

Our auto accident attorneys always provide free calls and a 24-hour guarantee

When do I need an auto accident attorney? Do I have a case? The most common questions everyone asks themselves but are afraid to ask to an actual attorney. Don’t worry, your first (and EVERY) call to our lawyers are free. We don’t send you a bill at the end of the month. Our car accident lawyer fees are based on an attorney contingency fee system meaning we never get paid for our work until we recover on your behalf.

In addition to your expert Michigan Auto Law auto accident attorney, your case is cared for by a team of dedicated paralegals and professionals. This means someone is here to answer your call 24 hours/day and every call is returned within 24 hours.

Call us anytime for anything at (800) 777-0028 or you can fill out our free consultation form.