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May 7, 2024

In Michigan, short term disability insurance benefits after a car accident may affect your No-Fault wage loss benefits. If you have a coordinated auto policy, then wage loss will kick in only after your short term benefits have been exhausted. If you have an uncoordinated policy, then No-Fault may be the primary payor. These issues …

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May 3, 2024

Leaving the scene of an accident in Michigan is a crime. The penalties include fines, jail and driver’s license points and suspension. A driver who has been involved in a crash must: (1) stop; (2) provide personal information; (3) present a driver’s license; and (4) help secure medical aid for anyone injured. The crime of …

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May 1, 2024

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the perfect time to make everyone aware of how dangerous it is for motorcyclists on the nation’s roadways. Nationally, motorcyclist deaths went up nearly 5% from one year to the next. And in Michigan, motorcyclist fatalities shot up nearly 30% over a five-year period. It’s time to take …

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April 30, 2024

In Michigan, a flashing yellow arrow left turn signal at an intersection means that you must: (1) proceed cautiously, (2) yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, (3) yield the right of way to pedestrians using the crosswalk onto which you’ll be turning, and (4) complete your left turn when it is safe to …

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April 23, 2024

What to do when property is damaged in a car accident and what coverage pays There are important differences between property protection insurance vs property damage coverage. Your PPI pays when you damage a safely parked car, a tree or a fence in Michigan – regardless of whether you were at-fault. PD pays when you …

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April 22, 2024

The Michigan yield laws set forth the circumstances in which drivers in Michigan must yield the right of way: (1) when traveling through intersections, (2) when making left turns, (3) when pedestrians and bicyclists are in a crosswalk, (4) when merging onto the highway, and (5) when encountering an emergency vehicle. When people know, understand …

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April 12, 2024

The Michigan elderly driving laws do not take away a person’s driver’s license once they reach a certain age, nor do they impose age-related requirements for obtaining or renewing a license. However, elderly drivers can have their driving privileges revoked or restricted depending on their ability to drive safely. Michigan elderly driving statistics In Michigan, …

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April 11, 2024

Learn the basic bike hand signals to protect yourself and help Michigan drivers understand your next move Rule No. 1 is wearing your helmet, and it’s one of the best things you can do while riding your bicycle. But what is Rule No. 2?  I would say knowing and using your bike hand signals while …

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April 10, 2024

Michigan is both a No-Fault insurance state and a tort threshold state, meaning Michigan has a crash injury threshold and special rules that apply to suing someone after a car accident. These unique requirements apply to filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver who causes a crash for pain and suffering compensation, lost wages, medical …

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