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Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Lawyer Reviews and Testimonials

As you read through the Michigan car accident lawyer reviews and testimonials from past clients about Michigan Auto Law, you’ll notice something that comes across in every Michigan car accident lawyer review – the compassion and respect with which we treat our clients. When we represent you, your concerns become our concerns and we treat you with prompt attention and respect

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While our firm is large enough to handle the most complicated case, our attorneys still provide personalized, responsive attention to our clients. We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way, answering every question, and making their experience as painless as possible.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Read our Michigan car accident lawyer reviews on Google , Yelp and Facebook from clients and other professionals who have successfully settled their cases.

Ronald Fanscal
“I was searching online for an auto accident attorney. I noticed when I pulled up Michigan Auto Law, they had so many glowing reviews. My wife and I read through many of them. They resonated with us. From the very first phone call, things progressed really quickly. Someone came to my house to get everything started, which was of the utmost importance, because I was bed ridden. My attorney is such a great guy. He explained all aspects of my case in an easy way that I could understand. Any time I contacted him, he was there to assist me. This is the best experience that I have ever had in terms of dealing with an attorney by far. He and his team made things super easy. I am very grateful for the representation my wife and I received from Michigan Auto Law.”


Lynda Nunez, Riverview
“My husband was killed in an automobile accident involving a gravel hauler truck on the freeway. The left front steer tire of the gravel hauler blew on I-75 near the Rouge River bridge, and the truck hit my husband’s car, trapping him between the retaining wall and the gravel hauler. It became apparent that I needed to seek out an attorney. After interviewing four different lawyers, Steven Gursten of Michigan Auto Law stood out amongst them as the guy to go to for several reasons. There was a genuine nature about Steve. He was exceptionally easy to talk with and an incredible listener. Of course his knowledge and the know how to get the job done was apparent. He treated me with a real sense of kindness as an individual and not a potential case. Steve settled my husband’s case out of court so I didn’t have to go through a trial. Throughout the whole process, Steve went above and beyond my expectations in terms of his hard work to uncover the truths of the matter and all of the things the trucking company did that were unsafe and contributed to the accident. Steve treated me with a lot of respect. He responded to my questions and phone calls very promptly. I never felt like he was in a hurry to get me off the phone. He listened to everything I had to say all the time. In terms of when I had to give my deposition, he prepared me and was next to me every step of the way. That was also the case when I had to go to court before the judge for the settlement. It made me feel very safe. Steve gave me confidence and the strength to get up there and do what I had to do. He did so much research and he explored every possible avenue to get me the best settlement possible. He worked very hard for me. Along the way, he kept me informed of the status of everything.

I would say if anybody is involved in an automobile accident involving trucks or other commercial vehicles, to not hesitate to contact Steve. You will not be let down. If you’ve done your homework and investigated attorneys, Steve is the obvious right choice. I walked out of his office knowing it was a no-brainer decision to go with him. It was the right thing to do for my family, in the wake of such a terrible accident and traumatic time in our lives. I felt it in my heart, and I was right. Another thing I would like to note is that even after the case was closed, Steve is still here for me with advice and all the time I need.”


– Skyler Stapleton, El Dorado, CA
“While traveling in the Midwest, I was rear ended on a Michigan Freeway. Myself and countless others were at a standstill in construction traffic. Upon the arrival of Law Enforcement, I was advised that the individual who hit me had no insurance and unbeknownst to me Michigan is a “No Fault State,” at the time and had no idea what this meant. During the next several months I attempted to handle matters on my own with Doctors, X-Rays, MRI’s, Physical Therapy, Insurance, Bills, etc. Finally, it became apparent that even “I was out of my league” and needed legal assistance.

Over the course of five months, I was highly referred to and represented by another Michigan Attorney, who shall remain nameless. This Attorney made countless promises and commitments, until I discovered he never followed through on filing even one piece of paperwork on my behalf. This inept Attorney was severely chastised & promptly dismissed. At this point, I began doing internet research to find “the Best Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer.” The first firm that came up in my search was Michigan Auto Law. At 8:04 PM EST on a Tuesday evening I sent an email to Michigan Auto Law’s, Attorney Steven Gursten. Very unexpectedly, I received a “personalized response,” from Attorney Gursten at 8:13 PM EST. Nine Minutes Later, Steven let me know he was in meetings all day on Wednesday; but he would have an Attorney from his firm call me the next day.

Odd but true, Attorney Jeff Bussell called and emailed me on Wednesday. Jeff Bussell and I exchanged over 50 emails between that Wednesday and Friday; doing my initial intake and contract for representation. Unfortunately, during this time I was apprised that my former Attorney, was in fact so incompetent that we were approaching a Statute of Limitations to file any legal action. I’m sharing this very prompt and proficient interaction with Attorneys Gursten and Bussell, as this is not my over 40 personal years of experience with Attorneys within any area of expertise….No One ever responds to a prospective new client like this!!! NEVER!

Thank God Michigan Auto Law agreed to take my case and began their very hands on & caring representation. If I had stayed with the other Attorney, I could have easily lost all my rights and any ability to acquire several very expensive, yet vital surgeries and additional medical treatment. There was also no choice, I had to have these procedures or I would be permanently & severely impaired for the rest of what would easily be a very miserable existence. Having to bear the cost of these surgeries alone would have financially destroyed our family forever. Subsequently, I was provided with a Litigation Team head up by Attorney, Kevin Seiferheld. For the remainder of my case Kevin and his Assistant Elize took my calls, returned my emails and provided extremely sound advise from beginning to end. After it was all said and done “My Champion,” Kevin Seiferheld provided the utmost legal representation possible. There was never a time, where I felt left in the dark or under educated in how my case was being handled. Never, was there one too many “Stupid Questions,” as I called them. Kevin, Elize and their entire Team could not have been more accessible, efficient, genuine, understanding, patient, forthright or compassionate & empathetic to my injuries, never-ending physical / mental exhaustion, pain and multiple surgeries. My case settled out of Court. My family and I could not be more grateful for Steven Gursten, Jeff Bussell, Alex Kemp and “Super Rock Stars” Kevin Seiferheld & Elize Vartanian Simon!!!! While closing out my “10 Star Review,” please know that I’m typically that person who leaves the “Bad, Horrific, Scathing, Negative 10 Star Review!” So, I encourage you to believe the words I impart as 100% truthful and heartfelt. Do not hesitate to hire this firm to represent and protect you, your health, your family and your rights.

Thank you Michigan Auto Law from the bottom of our hearts.”

Auto Accident Lawyer:

Sep 29, 2023, suzanna workman
Thank you Kevin, Barb, and Elize. Barb and Elize were there to answer any questions. If they couldn't answer my questions Kevin was there to answer with a phone call. Very courteous and friendly.
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Sep 28, 2023, Shadiya Muhammed
My experience and time with Michigan Auto Law, Joshua in particular was AMAZING. He was professional, caring and thorough. He made sure to check in with me and see how I was doing, he reminded me to go to my appointments and best of all? He made sure I won. Thank you all so much for everything. I fully recommend them and their services.
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Sep 26, 2023, Martha Cavill
It’s makes a good difference when you have a good lawyer. With Josh, his listening and speaking skills are just a few of top qualities. His responsiveness was the best, he did unbelievable research with my case. Josh made magic in my actual trial. He prepared me throughly for this event. Josh literally held my hand, as I did not have to say a word. In order to be a successful attorney, you must all have the traits that Josh possesses. This whole ordeal with my attorney Josh was mind blowing. I admire his composure, work ethic, and most of all, his excellent representation. Jordan Ewald, Amber, and Jordan Jones credit is well deserved to them for putting the icing on the cake.
Sep 26, 2023, Kaitlyn Spangler
Absolutely loved this firm and Jeffrey Bussell was amazing thru the whole thing making sure to stay on top of things and keep me in the loop with everything I would highly recommend this firm.
Sep 26, 2023, Phillip Coyle
I was doing a search online for an attorney after an auto accident. I came upon Michigan Auto Law. I read on their site that this was their one specialty, so I decided to give them a call. The entire process and staff have been great. My attorney Josh did a fantastic job for me. I am very happy with the outcome, along with the care and compassion I received from Michigan Auto Law.
Sep 22, 2023, Hugh Al
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Sep 21, 2023, Kyle O'Brien
Accidents are horrible for all parties involved, but having a resource to help makes all the difference. Thanks for your assistance.
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Sep 20, 2023, Eric Frost
Mr. Holland was an excellent choice for representation
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Sep 19, 2023, Korbin Terberg
Everyone here at Michigan Auto Law have been tremendously helpful! Rick & Stephanie have been amazing to work with and help me throughout this whole process! I was awarded way more money than I anticipated I would receive from an accident that wasn't my fault! Been a blessing in my life and if you want to get what you deserve! Give everyone at Michigan Auto Law and call and you will be treated fairly and compensated accordingly!
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Sep 16, 2023, Jennifer Lucas
After such a traumatic accident, my attorney Josh stepped in and took over. He handled all of my concerns and was his communication with me was on point. From beginning to end, he and his team put my mind at ease, so I could focus on my recovery. Michigan Auto Law and Josh will come highly recommended by me.
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Sep 15, 2023, Mouhib Hamieh
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Sep 15, 2023, Amber Pretty
Jeremy Tiedt, my attorney and Lori Baird, one of the paralegals on his team worked hard helping me get everything sorted on my case. It was a total team effort and I am very pleased with the dedication they had to me, every question, concern, they always answered my questions in a quickly manner! Very pleased with Michigan Auto Law
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Sep 14, 2023, Barry Green
Chris was very supportive. He kept me informed throughout the process and made me feel very comfortable. Winning a higher settlement than was offered was great.
Sep 14, 2023, Barbara Novak
Excellent Service 👍
Sep 14, 2023, Donna Sperry
Scott is professional, experienced and gets the job done quickly, efficiently and profitable.
Sep 13, 2023, Jovanny Alvarez
The entire experience went smooth. Communication was great. I was always kept in the loop and updated on everything. It was great working with Tom Janes and Richard Moore.
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Sep 13, 2023, Don Ostberg
Kevin and Alex did a great job.
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Sep 12, 2023, Patrick Greenwood
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. I really trusted the referral source, so I figured this would be the best option. It turned out to be spot on. My attorney Josh was fabulous. He was always honest, truthful, and upfront. The entire staff at Michigan Auto Law has been great. The process was seamless. I have already recommended a guy I know that was involved in an auto accident to Michigan Auto Law, and will continue to do so.
Sep 12, 2023, Shelby Thompson
Josh Terebelo exceeded my expectations with my case. He was extremely helpful, had amazing communication and did absolutely great all around. He helped with everything and clarified the little things I didn’t understand. 10/10 amazing work and I’m so happy I picked Michigan Auto Law to represent me.
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Sep 12, 2023, Lita Perfect
Kevin and Alex are amazing. Helped me every step, informed me of everything. Was awesome. Very respectful and helpful all the way. Got in, got it done, settled and out.
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Sep 11, 2023, Dennis Bailey
Scott Watson delivered exactly what we had discussed! He was efficient and understanding. I will definitely recommend him
Sep 7, 2023, Jennifer Lucas
After such a traumatic accident, my attorney Josh stepped in and took over. He handled all of my concerns and was his communication with me was on point. From beginning to end, he and his team put my mind at ease, so I could focus on my recovery. Michigan Auto Law and Josh will come highly recommended by me.
Sep 7, 2023, Brian H.
I had never been in an accident before, so I did not know what to expect. My attorney Chris made the process so easy for me. He guided me through a terrible time in my life. The experience was seamless. Please call Michigan Auto Law if you are ever in a crash. They will take great care of you.
Sep 5, 2023, Kristin Twilla
Working with Josh, Jordan Ewald, and Amber was a great experience. They were all very helpful in resolving my case. Communication was always there. I am very happy with Michigan Auto Law and the way they handled everything for me.
Aug 30, 2023, James Burchfield
I am ever so greatful for Tom. I so enjoy the conversations and service. Helped me in such a low spot. I highly recommend Michigan Auto Law.
Aug 29, 2023, N.C.
Jordan Ewald, Josh, and Jeff Bussell were all great in assisting me with my case. Communication was clear and precise. The professionalism was everything I had hoped for. They always kept me up to date on everything. I appreciate everyone at Michigan Auto Law and what they have done for me. I recommend them highly.
Aug 29, 2023, Linda stover
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Aug 29, 2023, Richard Stover
From the moment we picked up the phone to call Michigan Auto Law, the experience has been great. Jordan Ewald and Josh helped me at a time when I needed it most. Jordan was there to protect me in this difficult time. The legal system can be very intimidating. Having my legal team stand up for me was everything I needed and more. I will definitely be recommending Michigan Auto Law to others that are in an auto accident.
Aug 29, 2023, Patrick Harring
We must admit that we didn’t even know we needed a lawyer when my husband was hit by a car as a pedestrian. We learned very quickly that we needed help with the multiple doctors, specialists, tests & therapy appointments filling every day of the week. We were referred to attorney Tom Baker at Michigan Auto Law by a family friend. Tom was easy to talk to, he explained the process & what we could expect and kept us informed. He was very responsive to questions via email or phone. After the first meeting, we felt like we were with a kind & caring team that could support us through this traumatic time. We cannot thank Tom Baker, Tonya Harris & Lori Baird enough for all their hard work on our case. We know it takes a team & your effort & awesome work showed in getting us the best settlement possible. We would highly recommend Tom Baker & Michigan Auto Law to others!
Aug 18, 2023, Jeanette Cross
Our attorney Rick Houghton has been amazing. My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident where the driver was clearly negligent. Rick listened. If we had questions he answered them. He didn’t pass us off to a paralegal. He took an actual part in our case even helping with issues when it came to the dispersement when we had family that thought they deserved more than what they going to get. He has been supportive and helpful. He gave of real time lines for our case to be finesse as well. I cannot recommend r them enough. I pray your never need them but it the time comes and you. Find your self dealing with the loss of a loved on these people know their business
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Aug 17, 2023, Candy Barringer from Mongo, IN
I can't say enough about Michigan Auto Law and my Attorney Rick Houghton. I am so Grateful to them for representing me. Took the worry of how I was going to handle my medical expenses away. Been in a car accident, get ahold of Rick Houghton and his associates at Michigan Auto Law and relax. Thank you all for your help and understanding.
Aug 17, 2023, Candy Timbs
After the car accident I was in, I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the hospital bills coming in. I called Michigan Auto Law and spoke with Rick Houghton. He and his associates took my case and fought for me. Won my case. Thank you so much again for taking my case and winning for me.
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Aug 14, 2023, Andrew Grabowski
I had never been in accident, so I was not sure what to do. My daughter told me to call Michigan Auto Law. From the beginning, the process was very smooth. My attorneys Alex and Kevin were very professional. They eased the weight of everything I had on my shoulders. I was always kept informed on my case. They did a fantastic job. No doubt, they come highly recommended by me.
Aug 12, 2023, Kyle Shea
Great to work with. Made the process easy. Friendly staff and very attentive. Chris ,Jordan and the rest of the staff were awesome !
Aug 10, 2023, Kristy Jordan
Michigan Auto Law is a great place to come when your involved in a auto accident. Josh and Jordan Ewald are a amazing team and were very helpful to me. I am very grateful to have had them be apart of my team.
Aug 8, 2023, Shannon P
Chris Hunter and his team are truly wonderful! Highly recommend Michigan Auto Law!
Aug 8, 2023, Steven Bertossi
What impressed me the most about my attorneys Tom James and Richard was that they were extremely responsive. Unfortunately, I had been in an accident years ago and the attorney that I had at that time at another firm did not communicate with me well at all. Communication with their clients and fighting hard for injured people is what Michigan Auto Law does best. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if you are need of a professional that will communicate with you every step of the way.
Aug 8, 2023, Derrek Taylor Cherry
Working with Michigan Auto Law was a great experience. The communication was outstanding. Josh and his team took very good care of me. Michigan Auto Law is the best!
Aug 8, 2023, Kim Schroeder-Floto
Very professional, Alexander Kemp went to bat for me! It is never as easy as it looks on tv! However when you have attorneys looking out for you and fighting insurance companies who ignore facts, it helps to have Michigan Auto Law on your side! I appreciate all Alexander did for me, Thank you Alexander and Michigan Auto Law.
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Aug 4, 2023, Sean Staley
Chris, Jordan, and Eileen were very helpful through one of the hardest periods in our lives. They worked night and day to achieve a positive result for us. They were always available through out the process to answer questions and help us deal with anything and everything over the last four years. I wish we could have come to know them under different circumstances but our family is grateful for all they have done to help us.
Aug 3, 2023, Tanisha Rogers
I found Michigan Auto online and decided to give them a call. I had a feeling from the first call, I knew I wanted this firm to handle my case. My attorney Chris was very prompt and made sure to always be there for me when I needed him. I don’t plan on being in another accident, but if I am, I will come right back to Chris Hunter at Michigan Auto Law.
Aug 3, 2023, Kelly Howard
Chris and his team did an excellent job for me. Unfortunately, after my auto accident, I had three surgeries. The staff at Michigan Auto Law were very attentive, caring, and compassionate. I mean, Chris made this process totally seamless for me considering the situation I was in. My wife and I will be eternally grateful to Chris and his team.
Aug 3, 2023, Darin Wesley
My attorney Chris was phenominal. He is caring and compassionate. Chris handled my case very well and did everything for me that he said he would do. I am very pleased.
Aug 3, 2023, Albert Fox
When I had an accident, a friend recommended me to come to Michigan Auto Law. My attorney Chris really worked hard for my case. He was always there and made me a priority. The entire staff was extremely helpful at all times. I have already recommended Michigan Auto Law to friends and family and will continue to do so.
Jul 28, 2023, Jennifer Prentice
Tom Baker, along with Tonya and Sunny, worked incredibly hard on my case and helped change my life. I was in a horrible accident and the other insurance company was downplaying my injuries. Tom not only reassured me that I am worth fighting for, but he went above and beyond to help me. His team is ALWAYS approachable, always in contact and explained everything, answered all questions. I never once felt like just another client , I knew that my case mattered. I'll never be able to thank Tom enough for what he and his team did for me. I trusted his judgement and he never steered me wrong. He was always available to explain things to me, always returned my calls personally and let me know everything to expect. He is a genuinely amazing, kind person and an outstanding lawyer and I would recommend him above anyone else. Thank you again!!!!!
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Jul 27, 2023, Debbie Buckner
I was involved in a second accident and I knew who to call, Michigan Auto Law. They represented me in my first crash. As always, the experience exceeded my expectations. My attorney Josh worked his magic. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.
Jul 26, 2023, Victoria Fiondella
Jennile was awesome! She helped walk me through the step on how to receive compensation for an accident I was in and was very kind and compassionate!
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Jul 25, 2023, Amanda Porter
Always available, easy to get ahold of and quick replies. Breaks the whole process down and makes you feel at ease. I plan on recommending others to Michigan Auto and my attorney Josh. It was a great experience.
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Jul 25, 2023, Natasha Givens
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was great. I had never been involved in an accident before so I did not know what to expect. My attorneys Josh and Jordan Ewald were very helpful, compassionate, and considerate of me and my situation. I could not have asked for a better team to work with. They communicated with me regularly throughout my case, which was impressive. Even when my case was settled, they still helped me with any questions I had with the same sense of urgency as before. I have already recommended people to Michigan Auto Law and their cases have been taken my them. Michigan Auto Law is in a class all its own.
Jul 25, 2023, Trevor Eyk
Thomas Baker, Tonya Harris & Lori Baird at Michigan Auto Law really took care of me. Tom’s experience got me the best results possible, and the rest of the team made the entire process seamless.
Jul 24, 2023, Dustin Baughman
I had the pleasure of working with Chris Hunter. Michigan Auto Law always assured me I was going to be taken care of and that I was. Chris and MAL always communicated and blew my expectation away when it was time to get compensated for my accident. Best in the business.
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Jul 20, 2023, Ashley DiFonzo
My attorney Chris never wavered frim what was best for me. From the very beginning, he never allowed me to feel like he was out to get something that I was not entitled to. He always answered my calls, no matter how ridiculous they were, answered my questions, and went out of his way to make sure I understood everything from start to finish. I consider myself beyond lucky to have had him as my representation, and I would recommend him, hands down to any other person who was in my situation.
Jul 18, 2023, Lester Palmer Jr.
I was looking for an an attorney after my accident. I came across Michigan Auto Law. From the beginning, I had a great conversation with them. Josh and Jordan Ewald were a pleasure to work. Both Jordan and Josh gave me the assurance, and knowledge needed to handle what comes with an auto accident. They made sure all ducks were in a row from start to finish. It was a great experience all in all.
Jul 13, 2023, Troy
Rick Houghton and team went beyond their means to get everything you deserve plus more. I would recommend them to anyone in need. Just call Mich Auto Law for help
Jul 6, 2023, Tia Scott
I had a previous accident in 2013, in which Josh was my attorney. Unfortunately, I was involved in a second accident in 2021. I already knew that I would call Josh back. He was also great the second time around. Josh is a smart, professional, and funny down to earth guy. I was very happy with the outcome of both my cases with him. I have sent people to him previously as well for representation.
Jun 29, 2023, Sheryl K.
Michigan Auto Law made what could have been a very stressful and challenging situation actually pleasant. I went into the process with being hesitant, but working with my attorney Josh was such a worthwhile experience. He was patient with questions, informative, and really helped me understand the process. Most importantly he was making choices that were best for me. I had swift and successful results and walking away feeling good knowing we made something good out of a bad situation. I would recommend Josh to anyone who finds themselves in the difficult situation of having an auto accident.
Jun 28, 2023, Laura Goode
Jenille is great! After the accident she helped us with everything. I was so impressed when she called...on a Sunday, just to see how we were doing. I am happy we chose Michigan's best accident attorneys.
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Jun 28, 2023, Deborah Roberts from Petoskey, MI
Rick Houghton and Tim Holland were outstanding!!! They were both very professional, friendly, thorough, knowledgeable and did a wonderful job helping me understand everything about the process. They gave me great advice on how to proceed but also allowed me to make my own decisions. They were incredibly determined to make sure I received what I deserved and really fought for me!!! Their support staff was equally amazing!! I would HIGHLY recommend them and Michigan Auto Law!!!!
Jun 27, 2023, Lisa MacIntyre
I found Michigan Auto Law online after my crash. I had called and spoken to Jeff Bussell. He was very professional. My attorney Josh was the best. Very professional and thorough, always keep me informed about my case, which I was greatful for. I highly recommend Josh and Michigan Auto Law. The staff there is amazing too!
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Jun 23, 2023, Candy Barringer from Mongo, IN
After my car accident I wasn't sure what I should. Being hurt and having to worry about bills flowing in was stressful. I saw Michigan Auto Law on line and gave them a call. I felt comfortable with my Lawyer. He was very polite and made me feel at ease right outa the gate. Him and his team kept me well informed with the process. I would recommend Michigan Auto Law to anyone without hesitation. Thank you for handling my case so quickly.
Jun 20, 2023, Bethany Hedden
Michigan Auto Law has been a beacon in a storm. I did not want to imagine trying to recover from the trauma of this event without them in my corner. My attorney Josh and Jordan Ewald were just what I needed. I cannot thank Josh enough for representing me. He gave me the strength I did not have to keep moving through this horrible time. I am most happy with the outcome of my case. Josh did the best that I could ask for.
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Jun 20, 2023, Jenea Copeland
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was truly exceptional. Mr. Christopher Hunter, my lawyer, was always prompt and thorough in addressing any questions or concerns I had. Even during his busy schedule, he would inform me if he was in a meeting and would promptly respond afterward. The ladies at the front desk consistently greeted me with warm smiles, creating a welcoming atmosphere. I have complete confidence in my decision to entrust them with handling my case, and I couldn't be more satisfied.
Jun 20, 2023, Javaid Akhtar
My wife and I found Michigan Auto Law on line after our accident. Our attorney Richard was very professional, caring, and extremely responsive. We have never seen an attorney do this before. He is the only one, which Is very impressive. Michigan Auto Law is the best from around. We will pay it forward, and recommend others to see Richard.
Jun 20, 2023, Alisha Manoogian
A friend of mine told me to call Michigan Auto Law. His family was involved in a crash a long whiile ago. The firm made a great impression on him. I see what he meant. Michigan Auto Law made a great impression on me as well. My attorneys Richard and Tom were really great. They were always available to me in hard times after my accident. They are both great attorneys and very friendly. Considering my experience with them, I will recommend Michigan Auto Law in the future as well.
Jun 19, 2023, alaan howrami
Would give 10 stars if i could. Jennile Oram​ I highly recommend. She was amazing on the phone and very patient and caring. She answered all my questions and concerns and gave me a great experience during a difficult time. 10 out of 10 stars for her.
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Jun 18, 2023, Cynthia Abner
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Jun 13, 2023, Howard Christopher Worthy III
Michigan Auto Law is the BEST you can trust them to take care of you and handle everything from start to finish. Christopher Hunter Is fantastic 👏. When you call ask for Mr Christopher .
Jun 12, 2023, Tim Klemz
I called Michigan Auto Law and spoke to Catherine. What a breathe of fresh air. After several months of trying to resolve a lingering bill issued from Utica fire department. ( don't get into an accident in Utica) I felt like I am going to have to pay this bill. I explained to Catherine my situation, and she gave me a couple of options that no one else did? After 10 months. If you are involved in a car accident, please give these people a call they will not only give you options they will give the time and patience you will appreciate. This firm will remain on my card file. Thanks again Catherine.
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Jun 7, 2023, PAM OMANS
This law firm was awesome!! Tonya Harris, Sunny Sly and of course Tom Baker were great handling my case. I feel they went above & beyond for me. If you ever need a awesome legal team this is the team you want!! Thanks for helping along the way.. Tonya for my crazy questions, Sunny for appealing a Medicare case and Tom for all the court stuff.. thanks again
Jun 7, 2023, Damian Goncalves
Tom and Sunny were a great team to deal with. Very professional and had my needs front of mind during the whole process. Extremely happy with the whole process and would definitely recommend their services and Michigan Auto Law.
Jun 3, 2023, Leslie Castro
Very kind, respectful and knowledgeable
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Jun 1, 2023, Prachi Shah
Kevin, Alex, Barbara and Elize have been a great team! They helped us get a very good settlement on out case. Through out the case, the team has been very approachable, understanding and comforting.
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Jun 1, 2023, Ann Tindall
Kevin and Alex were wonderful I was pleased from beginning to end and they answered any questions I had at any time ! I would definitely recommend Michigan Auto law.
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May 25, 2023, John Frost
I would give Michigan Auto Law all the stars imaginable. My wife found Michigan Auto Law for me after my accident. My attorney Josh is extremely caring about his clients. His work ethic is just unbelievable. He was in the hospital at one point, and was still trying to work and speak to me, making sure I was taken care. Josh is an excellent attorney and human being. I don’t want anyone to be injured in a crash like myself, but if this happens to anyone I know, I will definitely tell them to call Michigan Auto Law and speak with Josh. I wants to make mention of Jordan Ewald and the entire staff. Such a pleasure to work with all of them.
May 23, 2023, Deion flowers
Good people
May 22, 2023, Auja-Ronnae Coats
My employer referred me to Michigan Auto Law after my car accident. As soon as I reached out to Michigan Auto Law, I started working with my attorney Chris Hunter right away. Chris was thoughtful, helpful, and quick to communicate with me. He always kept me well informed, answered all of my questions, and made sure that I understood what was going on. I am very happy with my settlement and my experience with Michigan Auto Law. I would absolutely refer others to Michigan Auto Law in the future.
May 22, 2023, Kathleen H
I found Michigan Auto Law through a family member who is in the legal field. Going through a serious car crash and a legal claim is not a process anyone wants to go through, but Tom Baker and his team made it go as well as possible. My insurance company was terrible to deal with, and Tom took them to task and made sure all of my benefits and rights were protected. My life may never be the same but I am thankful that I had Michigan Auto Law by my side through my recovery.
May 19, 2023, Judy Goldsmith
From the moment Mr. Gursten offered his services to handle my auto accident case, I felt like I was in good hands. He was kind and compassionate, always taking the time to explain to me anything that I might need to know, always with a patient voice and an encouraging word. When it came time for my deposition to take place, Mr. Gursten thoroughly prepared me and during the process I felt completely comfortable. He was available to me whenever I reached out and responded quickly, whether by text, telephone, or email. Finally, he helped me to understand the settlement process and what I could expect. Being involved in a major auto accident was one of the worst moments of my life, but working with Mr. Gursten helped me feel that the outcome I got was the best one for me.
May 19, 2023, Judy Goldsmith
During the time that Michigan Auto Law handled my case relative to my auto accident, I felt taken care of. Any time I reached out to my attorney, Josh Terebelo, whether by phone, text, or email, he promptly responded. Josh patiently answered any of the many questions I asked and he reminded me many times that he was always available whenever I needed him to be. He was compassionate and caring...and understood how the trauma that I experienced affected my life on a daily basis. He understood how my accident changed my life and it felt like that motivated him to get the best result for me and my family. He made the experience of putting a monetary value on the injuries I sustained easier for me. I will forever be grateful for Josh's expertise, kindness, and compassion.
May 15, 2023, katarzyna kucinska
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May 15, 2023, Shawn Riani from Parma, MI
Rick, Tim, Jason, Megan, Emily and Stephanie have all been great handling my lawsuit! Always checking in, and keeping me updated on each step of the process. I always felt that I was in good hands, and had a professional team that had my best interests. I couldn't recommend them more! Thank you!
May 11, 2023, Karen Borrink
I am so grateful for Tom Baker, Tonya, and Lori. They promptly answered emails, returned phone calls quickly, and worked very hard on every aspect of my case. I never expected to need a personal injury attorney, but am so grateful that I was referred to Tom. He answered all of my questions, calmed my concerns, and let me know that he was there for anything I needed. I hope to never need a personal injury attorney again, but would not hesitate to call Tom again, should that happen. He is THE BEST!!!
May 11, 2023, Zeinab Abbas
After I was involved in an accident, I needed help. My brother decided to call Michigan Auto Law for me. They responded to me very quickly. Things started to take place and move fast for me after that. My attorney Jordan Ewald was always very empathetic to my pain. She was always following up and checking on me. In addition, she is professional and kind. Joshua is like a brother to me. He was there for me as well. I had a great experience with Michigan Auto Law.
May 11, 2023, Erin Linsky
I was referred by a coworker to Michigan Auto Law after my accident. After speaking with Steve Gursten, we began working with Josh Terebelo. Working with Josh was a great experience. He constantly communicated with us, was always honest, and he showed care not just for me, but my entire family. I was kept in the loop the entire time of what was to be expected with my case. Josh and Michigan Auto Law did there job very thoroughly, and showed the highest level of professionalism. There was never a maybe or an unanswered question. I would absolutely recommend Michigan Auto Law to others in the future.
May 9, 2023, Nichole Armen
Michigan Auto Law was very fast and prompt. They were very informative. I would definitely recommend them for anyone needing assistance if ever in an auto crash.
May 9, 2023, Liz H
The experience was stress less. Jordan made everything easy and understanding. She was able to answer all my questions and made the deposition a little less stressful. She prepared me very well. All of my questions were able to get answered in a timely manner.
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May 4, 2023, Cameron Mincio
Michigan Auto Law has been a lifesaver. After an auto incident I had no idea what to do. Tom and his team were awesome in helping me out, explaining, and communication. Highly recommended. Great people.
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May 2, 2023, Allison perkins
Michigan Auto Law was on top of my case from the beginning. They were always easy to get in touch with and respectful of my time. I would recommend them if you have been in an accident.
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May 1, 2023, Janet Richard
Michigan auto law did a great job for me. They keep you informed and make sure your navigating through everything alright . I will recommend them to anybody that has an auto accident.
Apr 27, 2023, A. H.
I had great experience with Michigan Auto Law. I found them online and I was immediately connected with Josh T. He was absolutely informative from start to finish. He will guide you through the process and provides you with honest answers and feedback. My case was settled in a timely fashion, which I was extremely happy with. Also shoutout to Jordan E., she was super sweet and informative as well. If you need someone whose’s going to have your back from start to finish, please go with Michigan Auto Law.
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Apr 27, 2023, Josephine Spiegel
I was not sure where to turn when I was in an auto accident. My daughter found Michigan Auto Law. They responded very quickly to us. My experience with Jeff Bussell, Jordan Ewald, and Josh was amazing. Josh really understood how my accident impacted me, which was very important. All were very responsive and prompt. Overall, I am very happy with the work that Michigan Auto Law for me and happy with my settlement.
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Apr 26, 2023, Jacob Hines
Working with them was awesome. I was stressed out during the whole process but they were always there to put me at ease and to answer any questions or concerns that I had. Thank you Mr.Tom James and Mr. Richard Moore I'm happy I chose Michigan Auto Law.
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Apr 24, 2023, Karen Rupert
Throughout my case, I felt like Richard Moore was always in my corner and had my back. I was referred to Richard Moore from another law firm. Anytime I had a question, if I called or emailed, Richard would respond quickly within 24 hours. He made sure there were no surprises and made sure I was prepared for anything. Richard helped me better understand my case by always speaking in plain language and always reassured me. He never talked down to me, and always reassured me. I would definitely refer others to Michigan Auto Law.
Apr 21, 2023, Harvey Heeres from Davison, MI
So very helpful I wouldn’t have been able to do it without MAL
Apr 20, 2023, Heather Malone
After I was in an auto accident, I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. They actually specialize in auto related injuries. My attorney Chris and his team were great. Chris would respond to me later at night, even when I thought he would not. I needed a quick answer on something. His assistant Eileen texted him while he was in court. He texted back and gave me a good answer, which settled me down right then and there. Chris made the best of this situation considering. I have already referred someone to Michigan Auto Law and they took great care of him and got him a great settlement as well.
Apr 20, 2023, Dave Jones
After my auto accident, I was with another law office. I did not like the way things were going, so I started to look for help elsewhere. That is when I came across Michigan Auto Law. From the very first friendly phone call, to someone coming out to my home the very next day, I knew this was where I needed to be. My attorney Josh is a fantastic guy and really loves his clients. He made something so traumatic so easy for me. Josh was always there from state to finish. I am really happy that I chose to leave the other firm and go with Michigan Auto Law.
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Apr 17, 2023, Linda T
I was coming home from work during traffic time and had been stopped at the red light on a June sunny day when I was rear ended by a detached wood chipper. I had never been in an accident and was stunned by what had happened. There were people looking on, but traffic had been backed up. You don't know exactly what to do at the moment when you've never been in this situation. So many things encompass your thoughts especially when you're a senior. Fright, anxiety, police, the negligent party, work, insurance, anger, independence and hurt. How am I going to deal with all this! A family member suggested I need to get in touch with a lawyer for guidance, because this was too over whelming and health both physically and emotionally would be a challenge. I put in a call to Michigan Auto Law and began the process. Thank God! Brandon had taken my intake and Mike outlined how the process would proceed. Any questions, and there were multiple ones, I was told to call any time. I then was placed into the hands of Kevin and Alex who have been my guardian angles of whom I hold much gratitude to!!! They are my David's against the Goliath's of the insurance company's! Elise has been there to explain any paper work that is necessary and oh so pleasant. This family has become my extended one. Again, with much gratitude, I thank you ALL! Linda T. Roseville, MI
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To be honest, I would give them a thousand stars if I could. This law firm is excellent!!! Tom James , Richard Moore and their team were great, helped me through the whole process; they went above and beyond to help and get the best for my case. What I liked the most was that it didn't matter how many times I would call or email them, they always took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you again Tom, Richard and team for all that you did. I definitely recommend Michigan Auto Law.
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Apr 13, 2023, Norman Vernier
I was in a very terrible accident. A friend of mind recommended Michigan Auto Law. I asked her what stood out about them. She told me so many great things, so I decided to call. From the moment I called, I just knew this was the firm for me. Michigan Auto Law had someone come to my home to assist me from the very start. From start to finish, my attorney Josh was a wonder to work with. He made sure to be tough with my case to get me what I deserved. The entire process went a lot quicker than I ever expected.
Apr 11, 2023, Donald Leitner
Christopher hunter was very professional, professional knowledgeable about my claim. I will always be grateful to him and to all of you at all the law and I will always recommend Christopher and auto lol and he’s one hell of a guy. Thank you very much
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