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Resources for Michigan Attorneys Handling Auto Accident Cases

Our attorneys have developed this guide on pursuing auto accident injury claims for other Michigan lawyers.

Why? We must remember that helping people remains the noblest aspect of our legal profession. We’re providing these resources so injury lawyers can do a better job and achieve more fair and just compensation for their clients after serious car accidents.

Find Out How to Use Voir Dire To Get Jurors to Commit to Being Fair, Impartial and Open-Minded

Learn from Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten and attorney Stephen Gorny of Gorny Danduran Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, about the importance of using voir dire to get commitments from jurors that they will be fair, impartial and open-minded about the plaintiff, the plaintiff’s witnesses and experts and the plaintiff’s request for economic and non-economic damages.

As Steve and Steve discuss in this video of their conversation, jurors can be reminded about their commitments throughout the case.

Michigan Auto Accident Law Today

A framework of injury thresholds to meet in order for an auto accident victim to sue for pain and suffering damages.


Tips for Michigan Attorneys Handling Car Accident Lawsuits

Helpful tips on the investigation, common defenses and proving serious impairment of body function.


Handling the Case for No-Fault PIP Benefits

Help understanding the case for No-Fault PIP benefits, which include lost wages, medical expense reimbursement, attendant care and replacement services.


Help for Lawyers Handling Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Tools and cases to aid injury lawyers with TBI lawsuits, which can be devastating, yet difficult to prove.


Help for Lawyers Handling Truck Accident Cases

A comprehensive guide for attorneys on handling truck accident lawsuits, with information on the investigation, discovery, experts and black boxes.


Precedent Cases Impacting the Auto Law in Michigan

Michigan case law summaries on car and truck accidents, No-Fault insurance and the latest in auto accident law.