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Michigan Auto Accident Law Today

In order for an auto accident victim to sue for pain and suffering, certain injury thresholds must be met. Read the pages below for an important framework to handling an auto accident case in Michigan.

Our Current Auto Accident Law: McCormick v. Carrier

An interpretation of the Michigan Supreme Court case law that outlines the injury threshold auto accident victims must meet to sue for pain and suffering.

Cases Impacting the Auto Law in Michigan 

Michigan case law summaries on car and truck accidents, No-Fault insurance and the latest in auto accident law.

Why Winning Auto Injury Cases has Become so Challenging 

Three reasons why having a “good” Michigan car accident case is more difficult today under the auto laws.

Enhancing Damages in Michigan Auto Accident Cases

Read about the two primary areas that can help Michigan lawyers increase damages for their clients.

The Objective Manifestation Requirement

How to help your injured client document and verify injuries resulting from auto accidents.

The Important Body Function Requirement

Michigan car accident lawyers must show how an auto accident victim’s body function has been affected by the crash-related injuries.

The Lifestyle Impact Requirement

In order to sue for pain and suffering, an injury suffered in a car accident must affect a person’s general ability to lead his normal life under this requirement.