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Tips for Michigan Attorneys Handling Car Accident Lawsuits

Here our lawyers are providing helpful tips for other attorneys litigating auto lawsuits. We’re starting with the investigation, moving through common defenses and giving checklists for proving serious impairment of body function:

How Should an Injury Lawyer Begin an Auto Accident Investigation in Michigan?
Information on obtaining the UD-10 police report, and a list of other potential causes of action for auto accident lawsuits.

11 Potential Experts for Michigan Auto Accident Cases
A list of experts commonly encountered in automobile accident litigation throughout Michigan.

10 Lessons for Michigan Attorneys Handling Car Accident Cases
How Michigan’s former auto law Kreiner v. Fischer impacted the way lawyers must handle auto lawsuits.

13 Ways to Meet Serious Impairment of Body Function
How attorneys can meet the injury threshold and increase the value of their cases.

The Sudden Emergency Defense
Combating the “sudden emergency” defense doctrine, which is the common excuse of people who cause accidents.

The Low Car Damage Defense
Handling cases involving low impact car accidents and low vehicle damage.

Michigan Car Accidents Involving Product Liability
How to handle a case where a product defect cause the auto accident.

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