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Help for Michigan Truck Accident Attorneys

A Guide for Attorneys on Handling Lawsuits

The biggest mistake attorneys make is thinking that a truck accident case can be handled the same way as a car accident case, but with bigger insurance policy limits. There are very different and complicated laws and safety regulations that apply in truck cases.

To help attorneys better handle these cases, we’ve provided information on the fundamentals of handling a truck accident lawsuit.

The Truck Accident Investigation

6 steps to help truck attorneys preserve information vital to proving the case.

Truck Insurance: Find It All

How lawyers can identify all of the defendants and insurance policies in a truck accident lawsuit.

Legal Discovery: The Truck Driver

6 steps to comprehensive discovery of the truck driver.

Legal Discovery: The Truck

7 steps to comprehensive discovery of the truck.

Discovery Documents

A list of additional documents that can be used by truck accident lawyers to establish liability.

Issues That May Require Truck Expert Witnesses

How a truck expert witness can help strengthen your case.

Black boxes in trucks

How to obtain black box data and use it to help prove a truck accident case.

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