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Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2020

How often do you pass through one of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections? These are the intersections where the most car accidents occurred in Michigan in 2020. 

An intersection will always be more dangerous and pose a greater risk for drivers than a road without intersecting traffic. To give you some idea of just how dangerous, in 2019 a third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in Michigan occurred at intersections.

The intersection of 18 1/2 Mile Road @ Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan ranked No. 1 on our list of the Michigan’s most dangerous intersections for 2020, with 131 total car accidents.

Our auto accident attorneys share our annual list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections based on official car accident statistics for 2020

What are Michigan’s most dangerous intersections? Based on Michigan State Police official car accident data for 2020, our attorneys have compiled the following list. Knowing what areas  have the most car accidents allows prudent drivers to decide whether they are better served avoiding these roads and to choose to take alternative routes. At the very least, we hope this list will allow drivers to know that they should be using extra-caution if they choose to drive in these areas.

Our attorneys have been compiling the list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections for many years, but last year was unique. The impact that COVID-19 had on auto accidents was substantial. Shutdowns, remote work, and decreased traffic all combined to substantially reduce the number of car accidents in Michigan. Overall, auto accidents in 2020 were down 21.9% when compared to 2019. Car accidents were also at their lowest level since 2010, according to historical data from the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center. More importantly, auto accident-related injuries also dropped 18.6% from 2019 to 2020.  

With the overall amount of traffic lower, it was not surprising to see a corresponding drop in the number of car accidents. What was surprising was that we saw an  increase in the number of motor vehicle accident-related deaths in Michigan. There were 1,084 auto accident and traffic-related fatalities in 2020 – the highest number reported since 2007. 

Drivers and passengers were not the only ones affected by this grim phenomenon:  

  • Bicyclist fatalities jumped 81% in 2020.
  • Motorcyclist fatalities increased 25%. 
  • Pedestrian fatalities climbed 17%.

Despite the overall reduction in the number of car accidents, intersections in Michigan continue to be the most treacherous place for drivers: 

  • In 2019, 31% of the 902 fatal auto accidents in Michigan occurred at intersections. (Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, “2019 General Facts”) 
  • In 2019, 38.2% of the 280 fatal intersection car accidents in Michigan occurred at intersections with stop signs. (2019 Michigan Traffic Crash Facts – Statewide, Crash/Intersection Crashes by Traffic Control Type)

Each year, our auto accident attorneys assemble our list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections based on the number of car accidents that have occurred. Once again, we want to sincerely thank everyone at the Michigan State Police, and our attorneys would especially like to thank the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit for compiling the auto accident crash data that we use to identify Michigan’s most dangerous roads intersections and roads. The underlying data analysis is compiled using motor vehicle accident reports filed by local law enforcement and police departments throughout Michigan.  

What Were Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2020?

Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2019

1.      18 1/2 MILE RD @ VAN DYKE AVE, Sterling Heights, 131 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries

2.      11 MILE RD/I 696 @ VAN DYKE AVE, Warren, 124 Total Crashes, 33 Injuries

3.      US 131 @ WEALTHY ST, Grand Rapids, 114 Total Crashes, 23 Injuries

4.      MARTIN PKWY @ PONTIAC TRAIL, Commerce Twp, 110 Total Crashes, 4 Injuries

5.      SCHOOLCRAFT RD @ TELEGRAPH RD, Redford Twp, 108 Total Crashes, 27 Injuries

6.      BURTON ST SW @ US 131, Grand Rapids, 89 Total Crashes, 23 Injuries

7.      ORCHARD LAKE RD @ 14 MILE RD, Farmington Hills, 89 Total Crashes, 11 Injuries

8.      12 MILE RD @ I 94, Roseville, 88 Total Crashes, 31 Injuries

9.      TELEGRAPH RD @ 12 MILE RD, Southfield, 88 Total Crashes, 20 Injuries

10.   CONNER ST @ I 94, Detroit, 79 Total Crashes, 21 Injuries

11.   SOUTHFIELD RD @ W 11 MILE RD, Lathrup Village, 70 Total Crashes, 16 Injuries

12.   10 MILE RD @ I 94, St Clair Shores, 70 Total Crashes, 12 Injuries

13.   MIDDLEBELT RD @ SCHOOLCRAFT RD, Livonia, 69 Total Crashes, 16 Injuries

14.   STATE RD @ ELLSWORTH RD, Ann Arbor, 69 Total Crashes, 6 Injuries

15.   JOY RD @ M 39, Detroit, 68 Total Crashes, 28 Injuries

16.   FORD RD @ HAGGERTY RD, Canton Twp, 68 Total Crashes, 24 Injuries

17.   METROPOLITAN PKWY @ VAN DYKE AVE, Sterling Heights, 68 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries

18.   HALL RD @ SCHOENHERR RD, Sterling Heights, 67 Total Crashes, 17 Injuries

19.   28TH ST SE @ DIVISION AVE, Grand Rapids, 66 Total Crashes, 17 Injuries

20.   HALL RD @ ROMEO PLANK RD, Clinton Twp, 64 Total Crashes, 24 Injuries

– Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

The list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections is the latest data available from 2020 on total crashes at intersections. “Intersection” is defined as any road with a traffic signal, four-way stop or roundabout. The crash data encompasses and includes intersections near freeways (and their subsequent on-ramps off-ramps and service streets), divided highways and rural roads.

As with every year, the more heavily traveled roads will tend to have more total car accidents. Highly-populated areas also tend to have more cars on the roads and therefore more auto accidents. But other factors are not as obvious. Freeway on/off ramps remain top contributors for causing a high number of car accidents. Many Michigan  on/off ramps have older “cloverleaf” designs that are less safe than newer ramps. Roundabouts also tend to cause a higher number of auto accidents.  

Finally, while a car accident does not always mean someone was injured, it does increase substantially the likelihood of an injury occurring.

No. 1 Most Dangerous Intersection: 18 ½ Mile Road and Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights

This busy roundabout remained in the top spot on our Michigan’s most dangerous intersections in 2020 even with a 43% reduction in car accidents from 229 in 2019 to 131 total auto accidents in 2020. The high volume of car accidents remains a concern given that this intersection has been a roundabout for well over ten years and local drivers are familiar with it. Thankfully the number of injuries decreased, from 14 in 2019 to just 8 in 2020.  

To see a map of all existing and proposed roundabouts in the state visit the Michigan Roundabout Resource Center.

No. 2: 11 Mile Road/I 696 and Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights/Center Line

In the number two spot on our Michigan’s most dangerous intersections list for 2020 is an area where a heavily traveled stretch of road in Macomb County crosses over a busy suburban freeway. While there was a slight decrease in overall car accidents from 129 in 2019 to 124 in 2020, this busy area still managed to have the 2nd highest number of auto accidents.  

Even more concerning is the 33 reported injuries that occurred there in 2020 – the third highest number of reported injuries at any intersection in the state. Use caution in this busy area with multiple traffic signals and merging traffic.  

No. 3:  US 131 and Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids

A newcomer to the top five list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections, this busy area near downtown Grand Rapids saw 114 car accidents in 2020 compared to 123 in 2019.  Unfortunately most drivers on the westside of Michigan are very familiar with this area as the intersection has had the highest number of auto accidents in Kent County every year for the past five years. In addition, the number of injuries increased from 18 in 2019 to 23 in 2020 – which is particularly concerning given the overall reduction in vehicle traffic during the pandemic.  

No. 4: M 5/Martin Pkwy and Pontiac Trail – Commerce Township

Once again, this busy roundabout makes the top five list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections for 2020. As Oakland County’s largest roundabout, the area sees very heavy traffic volumes every year. There was a decrease in car accidents from 110 in 2020 compared to 161 in 2019. But there were only 4 reported injuries in 2020 which once again speaks to the safety improvements seen from converting a traditional intersection into a roundabout. 

No. 5: Schoolcraft and Telegraph Roads – Redford Township

The busy area where Telegraph Road passes over Schoolcraft Road and the I-96 freeway remained in the top five for the state of Michigan even with a 50% decrease in car accidents year over year. When all intersection auto accidents are added up from where east and westbound Schoolcraft traffic intersects with north and southbound service road traffic off of Telegraph, there were 108 car accidents in 2020 compared to 210 in 2019.  While the number of injuries did decrease in 2020 compared to 2019, this intersection was the only one in the top 20 list with a fatality in 2020.  

Michigan drivers: Be careful at Conner St. and I-94 in Detroit

In addition to the above highlights for the top five of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections with the most car accidents, we also evaluated which areas saw a substantial increase in crashes in 2020 compared to 2019. Given the overall decrease in auto accidents due to the pandemic, one intersection stood out as having a concerning increase in both total car accidents and injuries. That intersection is Conner Street and I-94 in Detroit. The total number of auto accidents at this intersection more than doubled from 2019 to 2020, going from 38 to 79. Equally shocking is that injuries at Conner Street and I-94 nearly tripled, increasing 163% from 8 in 2019 to 21 in 2020. This means that 26% – or approximately 1 in 4 – car accidents at this intersection result in an injury. Proceed with extreme caution in this area.    

Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections Car Accident Data for other cities and counties

As we see from years of data analysis on Michigan car accidents, intersections with heavy traffic near freeways or retail businesses continually show up on these high crash lists.

To read blog posts on Michigan’s most dangerous intersections specific to counties and cities click here.

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