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April 8, 2019

Congratulations to University of Central Florida’s Glenneisha Darkins and Arizona State University’s Danielle Keim, recipients of the 2019 Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship: Glenneisha Darkins, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL Danielle Keim, Arizona State University, Tempe, …

October 22, 2018

Two Michigan college students and two high school students are winners of the Michigan Auto Law Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship with powerful messages about the dangers of distracted driving

October 4, 2018

Meet this year’s winner, Georgetown Law student Toni Deane, and learn how she is working to change recruitment practices within Greek Life

May 2, 2018

Michigan high school students can apply now for the Michigan Auto Law Kelsey’s Law Scholarship to stop distracted driving; application deadline is August 31

March 22, 2018

Congratulations to Clemson University’s Kevin Granatino and Illinois State University’s Tristen Sharp, recipients of the 2018 Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship

October 16, 2017

In our Stop Distracted Driving Contest, four students created the most persuasive Tweet, graphic and videos to help prevent teen distracted driving car crashes

September 13, 2017

Stanford Law student says he believes in ‘entering spaces lacking diversity and creating cultural change, hoping to make it better than it was before’

August 4, 2017

Michigan Auto Law is awarding $5,000 in scholarships to high school teens who can craft the best message to their peers on teen distracted driving dangers

March 21, 2017

University of Nevada’s Kristina Lakey and University of Michigan’s Caitlin Scroggins are the recipients of the 2017 Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship

October 10, 2016

Four Michigan high school students submitted the best persuasive video, Tweet and image to help stop teen car accidents caused by distracted driving As National Teen Driver Safety Week begins Sunday, the winners are in for our first annual “Kelsey’s Law Scholarship Stop Distracted Driving Contest.” The scholarship is in honor of Kelsey Raffaele, who …

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