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Michigan Auto Law’s Steve Gursten voted a Top 10 Truck Accident Lawyer

July 7, 2017 by Steven M. Gursten

Trucking Trial Lawyers Award comes from national invitation-only group comprised of the nation’s best truck accident lawyers

Truck accident lawyer

I’ve recently been named to the Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10. An attorney is selected by invitation only and is based on a lawyers’ leadership, reputation, influence and litigation and trial success with commercial transportation cases.

It’s an honor that my work as a past president of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Group, as well as helping over 300 truck accident victims over the past 23 years has brought about such a unique and special recognition.

Plus, I have worked for greater safety compliance and greater enforcement of federal and state of Michigan motor carrier safety regulations within the trucking industry to make both truck drivers and the public more safe. In this regard, I was recognized as a Leader in the Law by Michigan Lawyers Weekly newspaper for my efforts.

I also devote a large percentage of my practice educating other truck accident lawyers on truck accident litigation on how to better litigate truck accident cases during my frequent presentations at national legal seminars across the country. I have now spoken at well over 100 trucking law seminars.

I do this because I realize that too often it is only the truck accident lawyers and the threat of lawsuits that push insurance companies and trucking companies that choose to ignore mandatory safety rules to stop these dangerous policies. It is my purpose as a trucking trial lawyer. I feel like through my work I am saving lives and helping to change an industry.

What people should know about trucking trial lawyers like me

One of the things I stress to lawyers when they come to me for help after a truck wreck it that there are major difference between truck and car accidents. Truck driver laws and regulations are unique and far more complex compared to automobile injury cases. It really is like learning a new language. To be a successful trucking trial lawyer, you have to speak this language fluently. This language is the federal regulations and industry standards. Moreover, the causes of truck accidents are much different than the typical driver error and ordinary negligence that behind your typical car crash. I teach lawyers that to be a successful trucking trial lawyer they have to go back and look at the chain of events that caused the crash. This can be a series of decisions and choices made months or even years before the actual trucking wreck itself, and can involve decisions on maintenance, supervision, entrustment to an unsafe or unfit driver, and negligent monitoring by the company.

What is the Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10?

The Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10 is a unique group of truck accident lawyers:

  • Truck accident attorneys like me become members of this professional association only by being invited to join.
  • Membership is limited to the Top 10 trucking accident attorneys who demonstrate superior leadership, reputation, influence and performance in the area of truck crash litigation.

What other groups of trucking trial lawyers am I involved with?

I’m proud to say that, in addition to now being a Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10 attorney, I’m also honored to be on the Board of Regents of the prestigious Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys; a past Board of Governors member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America; and Past President of the American Association for Justice Interstate Truck Litigation Group.

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