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Jeffrey A. Bussell

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Jeffrey A. Bussell has been an auto accident attorney in Michigan Auto Law’s pre-litigation unit since 2004. Jeff works closely with auto accident victims in the early stages of their lawsuits, helping them recover important No-Fault insurance benefits and making certain they receive the necessary medical treatment for a full recovery.

About Jeffrey Bussell

Client Testimonials

Kwann Hicks, Detroit
When I first met Jeff, he was very polite and concerned. He offered to take my case. Jeff was really on his job. We actually became good friends throughout this process. He is an attorney that truly cares and takes care of business. I am very happy with Jeff and the outcome of my case.Google

Working with Jeff

Jeff spearheads preliminary orientation of new clients. He is always here to answer clients’ questions and help them through the process of filing an auto accident lawsuit. Jeff performs thorough liability analysis in response to each client’s unique circumstances. He also advises people on how to properly approach their No-Fault insurers, as he is passionate about helping accident victims get the benefits they’re entitled.

Jeff’s goal is to make certain that each lawsuit he handles is properly positioned for settlement discussions and if necessary, litigation. Jeff uses his previous No-Fault litigation experience and knowledge of the issues and injuries involved to obtain the best possible results for his clients. He has great success in settling cases before litigation is required.


  • Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, MI – Juris Doctor
  • Wayne State University, Detroit, MI – Master of Business Administration
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Bachelor of Business Administration

Previous experience

  • Skupin & Lucas
  • 20 years in auto industry, including with OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers

Memberships and Affiliations

  • American Association of Justice
  • Michigan Association of Justice

Legal Seminars


  • Speaker, “Settlement and Resolving Medicaid Liens: Allocating Settlement Proceeds, Reductions for Fees & Costs, Safe Harbor Payments, Impact of Gallardo & Byrns cases, Clawbacks”; Michigan Association for Justice’s Annual Summer Convention; Grand Rapids, MI; June 8, 2023
  • Speaker, “The Mechanics of Notifying Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid HMOs, Medicare Advantage Plans and Obtaining Lien Amounts, Details and Conditional Payments”; Michigan Association for Justice’s Annual Summer Convention; Grand Rapids, MI; June 8, 2023
  • Speaker, “Medicare and Medicaid Liens”; Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE): On-demand video seminar; Ann Arbor, MI; December 2022
  • Speaker, “3116 – A Challenge To A Smooth Settlement”; Michigan Association for Justice’s 15th Annual No-Fault Institute; Novi, MI; October 2018

Client Testimonials

Josephine Spiegel
I was not sure where to turn when I was in an auto accident. My daughter found Michigan Auto Law. They responded very quickly to us. My experience with Jeff Bussell, Jordan Ewald, and Josh was amazing. Josh really understood how my accident impacted me, which was very important. All were very responsive and prompt. Overall, I am very happy with the work that Michigan Auto Law for me and happy with my settlement.
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Margaret Kulaga
After I first got in my accident, I reached out to 2 other law firms and was discouraged about going forward with a case. I wasn't going to pursue one until I found Michigan Auto Law online, and was amazed at how quickly they got back to me and wanted to work with me. They reassured me that everything would be alright. Jeff Bussell, Tom James, and Richard Moore were awesome, nice, and I would absolutely refer them to other people.
Tres Snellenberger
When I got seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, I reached out to Michigan Auto Law after reading some of their reviews from previous clients. Knowing they are specialists in auto accidents made me have a pretty good feeling about choosing them as my attorney. The reviews I read did not feel cookie cutter, they felt like honest reports of how their experiences were. Personally, I felt very well taken care of and that any and all questions were always answered honestly and with haste. Highly recommend Jeffrey Bussell and Joshua Terebelo.
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Michelle Jeup
Jeff was excellent. He walked us through our options, listened to our wishes, and helped us navigate the process in such a way that it felt almost effortless on our end. He was always quick to reply to our questions and concerns. I really appreciated how knowledgeable he was about the inner workings of our type of case. Being able to know what to expect and understand why things needed to happen a certain way really helped contain any anxiety I might have otherwise felt. Ultimately, Jeff was able to help provide a good outcome, and he did it with consideration to all of our feelings surrounding our case. We would highly recommend him as an attorney in the future.
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Cindy Franzel
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L Lee
My attorney Jeffrey Bussell was great. He met with me closer to my home, which made things easier and convenient for me. Jeff answered all of my concerns and kept me in the loop at all times with my case. I was in contact with his assistant Julie and worked closely with her. Julie and Jeff were a great team. Jeff got me the best compensation I could get.
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Justin Fischer
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. This turned out to be a great reference. My attorney Jeff Bussell made this process really easy and hassle free for me. Jeff made sure to take care of everything. He was always quick to respond to anything I needed or had questions about. I never really needed to do much. It was all taken care of and out of my hands. His assistant Julie was very nice and helpful as well. Overall, this was a great experience considering.
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Youssef Abouchami from London, Ontario
Thank you so much Grratnjob
Clementine Rucker from Detroit, MI
I really appreciate the very kind and experienced team they are.
Kristen Ferency from Wolverine Lake
My sister was a previous client at Michigan Auto Law. From the moment I spoke with someone, I knew this was a great recommendation. My attorney Josh was wonderful. He knows how to get things done, let me tell you. On top of that, he is patient and thorough. Meagan, his assistant was also great to work with. I want to add that I worked with Jeff Bussell and Julie in the beginning. Julie went above and beyond my expectations. Everyone I worked with at Michigan Auto Law has been exceptional.
Marketa Smith from Grosse Pointe
I was online looking for an auto accident attorney. I read the reviews on Google regarding Michigan Auto Law. I decided to take a chance and call them. Mickey, Jeff, and Julie made me feel at ease from the very start. Julie was very instrumental in following up with me and answering any questions I had. I felt I was in good hands and would be take care. All were very professional and took care of business.
Darryl Johnson
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Tiffany Bills
My team provided me A1 treatment from the start. Special thanks to Julie P. She's always pleasant, accessible and timely - via phone or email.
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Brandon Horton
Jeffrey Bussell, Lenny, and Chris were all great to work. I was treated with a great deal of respect from them all. They explained the process and kept me up to date from start to finish. If I come across anyone who has been injured in an auto accident, I will recommend Michigan Auto Law for sure
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Mike G
Jeff took my case and he was one of the best attorneys I ever had. He was relentless and informative to me when I needed info. He also obtained me a nice settlement. Keep up the good work
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Nadine Washington-Campbell from New Baltimore, MI
They helped me get A better amount for my accident
Derek Thomas from Detroit
I was online looking for an auto accident attorney after my car crash. I came across Michigan Auto Law. I looked at their website and reviews, and decided to give them a call. This was the best decision I could have made. My attorney Jeff Bussell was the best. He is very honest and trustworthy. I also had the pleasure of working with his paralegal Julie. I never had to call and ask any questions about my case because Jeff and Julie kept me informed every step of the way. I definitely will be recommending friends and family members to Jeff at Michigan Auto Law.
Christopher Jarnol
I went to another law firm that turned me down. I then began to search for another firm. This is how I came to find Michigan Auto Law. The other firm that turned me down was the best thing that could have happened to me. My attorney Jeff Bussell was great. He was amazing in every aspect. Jeff and his assistant Julie are a great team. Both always took time to respond to anything I needed. I am recommending anyone and everyone to Michigan Auto Law. Please see Jeff Bussell!
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Christopher Jarnol from Madison Heights
I went to another law firm that turned me down. I then began to search for another firm. This is how I came to find Michigan Auto Law. The other firm that turned me down was the best thing that could have happened to me. My attorney Jeff Bussell was great. He was amazing in every aspect. Jeff and his assistant Julie are a great team. Both always took time to respond to anything I needed. I am recommending anyone and everyone to Michigan Auto Law. Please see Jeff Bussell!
Derwin Wallace
Great communication!!! I am an out of state resident, who was represented by Jeffrey Bussell of this law firm. Jeff did an excellent job of getting me everything that I was entitled to. His paralegal Julie Paul, was also great at responding to my emails and answering any questions that I had. I would highly recommend the Michigan Auto Law Firm for anyone needing their expertise, if you are in an unfortunate situation. Thanks for a job well done!
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Derwin Wallace from Greenville, NC
Great communication!!! I am an out of state resident, who was represented by Jeffrey Bussell of this law firm. Jeff did an excellent job of getting me everything that I was entitled to. His paralegal Julie Paul, was also great at responding to my emails and answering any questions that I had. I would highly recommend the Michigan Auto Law Firm for anyone needing their expertise, if you are in an unfortunate situation. Thanks for a job well done!
Jason Kraska from Northville, MI
I couldn't ask for a better law firm. Thank you so much Jeff Bussell and Julie Paul!
Christopher Jarnol
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Christopher Jarnol from Madison Heights, MI
Great outcome great service. I appreciate everything.
Jason Kraksa from Northville
I was recommended to Michigan Auto Law by mom, who was a former client here. It was the best decision I could have made. Jeff, Julie, and Judy are the best team. I could not have asked for a better experience. The team helped me extensively with every aspect of my case. They all answered my calls and emails in a quick fashion. I plan on recommending Michigan Auto Law to someone else, just as my mom did me. Give them a call. They are the best in the business.
Gerald Kraft from Farmington Hills
My experience with Jeff was great, from the very start. My friend referred me here, you guys were highly recommended. Jeff was responsive from the start, I was very very pleased. I was extremely happy though and anyone that I know I would refer them to Michigan Auto Law.
DL Dotson
Being a Florida resident, but having my accident in Michigan, I was very apprehensive about working with an out-of-state law firm. From the start of the lawsuit, Jeffrey, Josh and their team assured me that they would guide me through each step from the beginning, till the end of the settlement. For 2 ½ years, they kept me informed, and I never once had to travel to Michigan during that time. Thank you Michigan Law for taking what we expected, to be a complicated and stressful process, and making it manageable and a great outcome.
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Donna Dotson from Apopka, FL
Being a Florida resident, but having my accident in Michigan, I was very apprehensive about working with an out-of-state law firm. From the start of the lawsuit, Jeffrey Bussell, Joshua Terebelo and their team assured me that they would guide me through each step from the beginning, till the end of the settlement. For 2 ½ years, they kept me informed, and I never once had to travel to Michigan during that time. Thank you Michigan Law for taking what we expected, to be a complicated and stressful process, and making it manageable and a great outcome.
Deborah Flie
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was top notch! Christopher Hunter is my attorney and he is as honest and open as they come. He kept my informed on all the details that my case me The staff there is attentive and thorough. Jeff Bussell, Brenda Schooley and Melinda Mckee made the process very smooth and keep me informed on everything. Thank you Michigan Auto Law for making my experience pleasant and memorable.
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I am very thankful for all the hard work from everyone at Michigan Auto Law. Thinking of all that has happened, and what the future brings, I am confident Michigan Auto Law always has my best interests leading the way. I had a difficult time bringing myself to make the initial phone call. I did not think I needed a lawyer but I am so grateful I called; I needed help, and answers. I first talked to attorney Brandon Hewitt late in the evening and quickly realized my problems and concerns were important to him as well. He was very respectful to all my questions and our conversation started the trust I have in Michigan auto law. I have had a great experience with my attorney Kevin Seiferheld. Kevin is always informative and keeps me up to date as to what is happening and what I can expect. I am thankful Kevin has a great amount of support coming from his team, including attorney Jeff Bussell and Amy Gubesch. I always feel Elize Simon from the office is genuinely concerned about my well-being and recovery. Every email and phone call has been promptly answered and Amy makes me feel like I am the only client with whom she has to talk. There is never any pressure or hastily ended phone calls. Kevin has the experience and confidence that allows him to bring calm to the stress the accident has caused. Michigan Auto Law has assembled a wonderful team. I feel welcome and at home every time I come to their Southfield office or call with a question. I am proud to have Kevin and Amy next to me every step of the way.
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Chuck Taylor
R.Taylor even though my case was handled years ago lol 2010 to be exact but Jeffery bussell and Dave E Christian I believe the attorneys names I had the most interactions and conversations with Jeff who was excellent and very informative if I or anyone I know were to have an accident I’d with no hesitation recommend these guys they are the best
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Lisa Mahinske from Columbus
Jeff is a very attentive attorney. Whenever I had a question dy or night he answered my email. Quick working my case.
Bob Fish from Farmington Hills
My attorney Jeff Bussell was always available to me, even at a moments notice. He always kept me in the loop about everything concerning my case. This was the first time I was ever involved in an auto accident. Jeff made sure to educate me the whole way. I plan on recommending anyone I know that has ever been involved in an accident to Michigan Auto Law.
Timothy Layne from North Port Florida
Very precise communication, timely, felt I was important and they worked to get me what I deserved. I highly recommend Michigan Auto Law. From my first contact to our last conversation before the final settlement, I felt they had my concerns. Thank you!!
Alfred Gray from Detroit
I was very pleased with the work and the way jeff took time to review my case.One thing i can say about Michigan Autolaw they do good work i thank you so much every day is blessing for me
Jack Reeves
I was searching for an accident attorney. There was no way I was going to choose some tv lawyer. I came across Michigan Auto Law online. I first met with Jeff in Ann Arbor. He explained the process and answered all my questions. I began to work with Kevin and I found him to be tremendous. He communicated with me for long periods of time, day or night. He showed great empathy and concern. Kevin guided me in ways that we never expected. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff, Kevin, and Elize. I want to make mention of Larry. I received a call from him early on letting us know we would be taken care of. My wife and I will definitely be recommending Michigan Auto Law to others.
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Allison Krause from Auburn Hills
When I first met my attorney Jeff Bussell, I really liked him. He was very nice and knowledgeable about Michigan’s no fault laws. I felt he genuinely wanted to help me in any way that he could for my case. My mom really liked Jeff as well. He was very responsive and was always available. I am very happy with the results Jeff produced for me.
Michael White
I was looking for car accident attorney. I just happened to be referred to Michigan Auto Law. Jeff, Megan, Josh, and Laurie were all great. The communication was excellent between all of them. Anytime I called or emailed, it was promptly responded to. This gave me great reassurance to know my case was in the right hands. Michigan Auto Law will be my one and only recommendation to anyone I know that is injured in an auto accident.
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Jennifer Wetzel from Howell
I found Michigan Auto Law from the recommedation of another attorney. My attorney Jeff Bussell was the best. I could not have asked for anyone better. He was very thorough throughout the entire process. Jeff was on top of everything. If I called or emailed him, even on a Sunday, he was available. I am very happy that I found Michigan Auto Law and my attorney Jeff Bussell.
Lakesha Stone from Westland
Well Founded Law firm.
Christian W. from Ann Arbor
After my accident, I was injured and very confused about what to do next. While I received excellent medical care, that still didn’t make amends for the upheaval that I had suffered when a driver failed to notice me in a crosswalk. After searching online through different law firms that specialize in auto-related cases, Michigan Auto Law stood out to me because of their excellent client testimonials and their reputation in the legal community. Before deciding to hire the firm, both Larry Gursten and Jeff Bussell spoke with me and answered all of the questions that I had. Everyone made the process very easy on me, and it felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. Meagan was very helpful as well. Ultimately, Jeff was able to resolve my case, and I am very happy with the outcome. My overall impression is that Michigan Auto Law is an exceptional firm. As a side note about the ethics/professionalism of Michigan Auto Law, they told me that I should try to handle my separate no-fault claim on my own first. I would only require legal help if my insurer tried to deny my benefits or if I decided that I couldn’t do it on my own. I was very overwhelmed at the time, but they didn’t try to convince me to hire them for my no-fault claim, which really impressed me.
Mary McMullen-Wahl
My sister researched Michigan Auto Law and referred me here. I wanted to have a firm that specialized in auto accidents, not several other types of injuries. My attorney Jeffrey Bussell was great. The best thing is that he was easily accessible to me. He explained everything in a way I could understand, all while being professional and approachable. I had never had any dealings with an attorney ever. Jeff made the best out of my terrible accident for me. I am very happy and will recommend others to this firm and to Jeff.
Dan Gingiloski
I had a great experience working with Michigan auto law on my case. My attorney was courteous, knowledgeable, and very quick to answer questions and resolve problems. They kept me informed through the entire process and was in constant communication to help me understand the paper work and how the process should go. I would highly recommend Michigan Auto Law.
Michael Hritzak
Handled everything and kept us informed. Highly recommend Michigan Auto Law if the need arises.
Cheryl Hritzak
Handled everything start to finish and kept us informed during the process. Professional, honest and friendly way to deal with. Highly recommend using Michigan Auto Law if the need arises.
Brian Haines
Everything was handled professionally and quickly by my attorney Jeffrey Bussell. He was always available to assist me in any way possible. I felt I was given good direction at every step. My case was handled in my best interest and was surprisingly very easy because of Jeff.
Y. Kim
Jeff is an excellent lawyer. He is responsive all the time and very thorough with his work. He is a welcoming person and treats his clients with respect and honesty. We would certainly recommend Jeff to our friends and family.
Francine Jones
My experience with Jeffrey Bussell has been nothing short of amazing. He was so quick to respond to any questions I had, which was important to me. Jeff made sure things were handled in a quick and timely fashion. I would recommend everyone that is injured in an auto accident to come to Michigan Auto Law. They will take great care of you.
Moheep Alawdi
Great experience
Moheep Alawdi
Great experience would recommend to everyone 100%
Kimberly Trombley
Jeff Bussel did a great job helping us understand the complexities of our case. The results of our settlements exceeded expectation.
paul demos
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was phenomenal. My attorney Josh was exceptional at keeping me informed and I appreciated his attitude and information he provided. Always returned my call the day of! Never left me in the dark. He’s an amazing person and I would suggest him and this firm to anyone with auto related incidents. I also want to mention Jeffrey Bussell. He initially helped me with my case and was an excellent attorney and person as well. Will definently keep these people in my thoughts and prayers
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Maurice Hamilton
I was with another law firm initially. My aunt, who is attorney told me to go to Michigan Auto Law instead. I worked with Jeffrey Bussell and Jordan Jones. They were both great and worked hard for me. They were attentive to my needs, questions, and concerns. I am happy with the outcome of my case.
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Jacqueline Center and Donald Bates
Larry Gursten and Jeffrey Bussell were great at Michigan Auto Law. Whenever we had questions, Jeffrey and Meagan were very strong and supportive of us. This was of the utmost importance. We plan on recommending others to this law firm. They have great people taking care of their clients.
Letrece Mitchell
Two words!!! Exceptionally professional!!! My attorney Jeffrey Bussell was just perfect for me in handling my case. I could never have asked for better. This process with Jeff was seamless. He got things done for me quickly. It left me amazed. I cannot say enough. Come to Michigan Auto Law and see Mr. Jeffrey Bussell. You will not be sorry!
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Donald Bates
You guys are great I will recommend you guys to anyone thanks Megan and mr. Bussell
Toya Logan
I was searching the internet looking for a law firm to help me with my case. I found Michigan Auto Law on Google. I initially met with Jeff Bussell. He was very kind and professional. I never had to call for updates regarding my case with Jeff. I then began to work with Josh. All I can say is that Josh is the best! Throughout my emotional and physical turmoil, he supported me. Josh was the calm to my storm. He reassured me that everything was ok and promised he would take care of me. I am definitely recommending Michigan Auto Law for anyone injured in an accident. Trust me, your needs will be met and you will be elated with the outcome of your case.
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cat lepage
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law from my husbands mom. She mentioned to me that she had a great experience with the firm, as she was involved in an auto accident as well. I decided to take the chance and call. My mother-in-law was not wrong! I had such a great experience with my attorney Mr. Jeffrey Bussell. He made this process very quick and smooth for me. I cannot thank him enough for all of his help. I plan on referrring others to this firm, just as I was referred.
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Jayasree Ponnaluri
I was referred to Jeffrey Bussell by a friend of my son. Jeff handled this process in a very timely fashion. The insurance company was giving me a hard time with some of my benefits. Jeff made sure to fight for my benefits and get them quicker. He was always available for me to speak with and ask questions. Without him, I would not have had such a great outcome with my case. I am very thankful for him. It only took him eight months to get it all done.
Sandra C
My husband had a friend that had a case with Michigan Auto Law. He was very happy with his experience, so I decided to contact them. Jeffrey Bussell came to see me in the hospital. He is a very compassionate attorney. I then started to work with Lenny. Lenny is very personable, straight forward, and reassuring. His assistants Brenda and Melinda helped me out a great deal making sure any paperwork was completed. Jeff, Lenny, Melinda, and Brenda were all a tremendous help to me. I am glad I listened to my friend for the recommendation. Michigan Auto Law did not disappoint.
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Julie Pearce
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Greg Tyler
I chose Michigan Auto Law based on videos I saw presented by Larry Gursten. The videos were extremely useful and did not contain any sales pitches. I knew that they would be the best firm for me based on the knowledge Larry had. The first time I met Jeffrey Bussell, he was fantastic. There was never a time where he was not involved. I never had to once call him for any updates. He was always on top of everything. I mean, Jeff made this whole process great for me. I had zero stress. I have already recommended two other people to Michigan Auto Law, and will continue to do so.
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andres pena
My brother and I were both injured in a auto accident. I was searching for a law firm online and decided to go with Michigan Auto Law. Tom and Jeff Bussell took great care of the both of us. They made this entire process smooth. I am very thankful for having the both of them on my case. My brother and I are extremely happy with the outcome.
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Brandon B from Roseville
Jeff stayed in contact with me through the whole case. He worked hard for my case, well above my expectations.
Chris Knight
I lost my son in a motorcycle accident. I could not get anywhere with the insurance company, so I decided to seek legal help. I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. Jeffrey Bussell, my attorney, has been amazing throughout this entire process. He has gone above and beyond my expectations. I had another issue not related to this incident. Jeff was able to give me a referral to an attorney for that. The referral I received was great as well. I am very pleased with my experience here at Michigan Auto Law!
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Lois Sumerel
From the very beginning, Michigan Auto Law had someone to come to my home to get things started, as I could not go anywhere at the time because of my injuries. Jeff is a great attorney. He answered all of my questions. Everything was explained to me very thoroughly. I am very happy with Jeff and the staff at Michigan Auto Law.
Sloan Hogan from Detroit
You all certainly exceeded our expectations. I appreciate the time Jeff took answering questions I had. You made a tough time a little easier. Thank you!
Yolanda Townsend
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Yolanda Townsend from Flint
I just wanted to thank Jeff Bussell for helping me I really appreciate everything you have done
Susan Belgan from Sterling Heights
My attorney was Jeffrey Bussell and I told him I was very impressed with how fast he always responded to my e-mails/phone calls. He got back to me quickly, was very nice and explained things well. Would definitely recommend him.
Betty Hendricks from Flint
When I️ say that Michigan Auto law office was there for us every step of the way. Attorney Bussell returned calls and responded to any questions or concerns if not the same day, it was early the next morning. Thanks for the professional and personal service you all provided. It made a difference.
Benny Rosalez from Burton
Jeff was very smart and professional and his assistant Judy was also very helpful.. I appreciate the help Thanks, Benny
Gina Harmon from Romulus
Jeff definitely came through for me with this whole process. He was extremely professional and very responsive to me anytime I needed him. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and will recommend others to Michigan Auto Law.
Kwann Hicks from Detroit
When I first met Jeff, he was very polite and concerned. He offered to take my case. Jeff was really on his job. We actually became good friends throughout this process. He is an attorney that truly cares and takes care of business. I am very happy with Jeff and the outcome of my case.
Kwann Hicks from Detroit
When I first met Jeff, he was very polite and concerned. He offered to take my case. Jeff was really on his job. We actually became good friends throughout this process. He is an attorney that truly cares and takes care of business. I am very happy with Jeff and the outcome of my case.
Heather Toth from Livonia
Jeff was very professional and a real pleasure to work with. I was very surprised when he even responded to me on the weekend with questions I had. He was very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. Jeff answered questions for me that I did not even know I had. He is a great attorney!
Robert Hankis from Grand Rapids
Jeff made everything that needed to be done clear and as easy as possible for me.
Brandon Butzu from Roseville
Jeff Bussell handle my case with care and walked me through the whole process. He was very understanding and answered any questions I had. I definitely recommend Jeff and the Michigan Auto Law firm. Thank you!
Tara Ross from White Lake
Jeff made the horrible experience of being in an auto accident so much easier for me. He made this process so clear. Jeff is a very honest attorney. I could not ask for more. He was extremely responsive to any of my needs and concerns. I am definitely going to recommend others to this firm.
Melissa Flury
It's nice to have a law firm that truly cares about the client and what's best for them. I would absolutely refer them. Thank you for everything
Ting Wang from Ann Arbor
Ebony Woodfork from Detroit
The whole process was quick and great. I love Jeff. He really helped me and I appreciate him. He is a very hands on attorney. The receptionist Cindy is really great and always greeted me by my first name when I came in. There is a really great team effort at this firm. I will encourage others to come to this firm if they are ever injured in an accident. Jeff is the best.
James Chicka from Sterling Heights
I got hit by a vehicle on my bicycle. I'm walking and talking today but it was really serious as far as how my injuries affected me. I was referred to Michigan Auto Law by an attorney and my case started out with Jeffrey Bussell. He helped me in the beginning of my case. He explained how the case would go and my rights, including what I was entitled to under No Fault, seeing as I didn't have any car insurance and was a bicyclist. Then Lenny Koltonow took over. Lenny walked me through what was going to happen next. He litigated the case against the insurance company defense lawyers. He did a very good job fighting for my case. There was excellent communication. He always called me. When I called he would call right back. Brenda, his paralegal and Gayle, his secretary were spot on and always there throughout the case. The secretaries in the front of the office were always very friendly and welcoming. I'm happy with the entire process, ending in a great settlement. Lenny and his excellent team definitely have my referral. They take care of you well.
Patricia Trevino from Southgate
Kevin and Amy were very good and helpful attorneys. They always got right back to me really fast and answered all the questions I had. Everybody at Michigan Auto Law, including Jeff Bussell, the first attorney I talked to and the secretaries, was very nice and helpful. I was driving on Telegraph and stopped at a light when another driver rear ended me and pushed my car into the car in front of me. I had a little Focus and the guy behind me was in a big Escalade. I was smashed in between that and a Jeep and really hurt my neck and my lower back. Kevin went after the other drivers' insurance company and helped me get a settlement from them. He is also helping me go after the insurance company so they cover my no fault benefits for my medical. I'm very happy with the job Kevin and everyone at Michigan Auto Law did for me. I can't say a bad thing about anybody here because I was treated so well.
Katey Spencer
I was driving and a student driver thought she could make a left hand turn but she didn't have enough time. She panicked and halfway through the turn decided to stop and collided with my car. I had no idea what to expect. I've never taken anyone to court or anything. I couldn't work so I needed to figure out what I was going to do. Jeffrey Bussell was the first one who helped me from Michigan Auto Law. He was super helpful. Told me everything I needed to do as far as calling the car insurance company and getting a claim going. I had no idea about any of that but Jeff made it easy. Then Robert Raitt and Alison Duffy took over my case and everything started rolling. They pretty much handled everything for me. They were very informative. Any questions my wife and I had, they were right there to answer us. We were treated very well and would definitely recommend this place to anybody else.
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Will Wheeler
I had a very serious Accident that deeply affected my health when I was hit by a truck. I interviewed several lawyers and turned to Steve Gursten, the Head trial attorney at Michigan Auto Law for help. Steve was completely engaged with my family and I. He made it a priority to explain the law and the updates in our case so we understood everything and knew what was happening step-by-step. Steve went above and beyond and really fought for me. Steve and Jeff Bussell offered constant contact through phone, email and in person visits and they always returned phone calls right away. I'm just really happy and would refer anyone else to Steve and his law firm in a heartbeat.
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Carol Hobart
From starting out with Jeff bussell to Ian Freed's team with Mel and his paralegal Laurie, everyone at this firm was incredibly helpful. They explained the process of the whole truck lawsuit. I didn't realize we had to go after allstate and the trucking company that caused my accident. they walked me through what would happen and then they handled everything. Ian was a great attorney as a whole. I knew he was handling my case. It's a stress releiver knowing you have someone who knows what they're doing. I appreciate Michigan Auto Law's help from start to finish. I would call them again if need arose although I pray it never does.
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Kristen Carl from Warren
I had a car accident and I've never been through a lawsuit like this before. I have two Master's degrees, but learning about the law and understanding my case was a whole different world. Jeffrey Bussell was a wonderful attorney and made it all easy. He was in contact with me anytime I needed him to be. He was very helpful, very thorough. He was amazing. He got all the records needed for my case. He called me to check on me. When I called he would always either answer or call me right back. He was very comforting and assuring. He was always very clear and concise and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I just want to thank Jeff for everything he did to help me after my car accident. I really trust him.
Clyde Kelley
I had issues with my car accident case due to some prior medical conditions, but my lawyer Ian was still confident we could get a great settlement. If I called him or e-mailed him, he always got back to me. He is always courteous and smiling along with his paralegal Laurie Chase. She was also very prompt and helpful. Even the receptionist here is polite and helpful at all times.Ian is very knowledgable and very energetic too. I like that in a person. He's got that optimism that I needed during my case. I had complete confidence in Ian and his legal knowledge. Also when I first started out, Jeff Busell was very knowledgeable and confident I had a case. To have the foundation of my case set by Jeff an then have Ian handle the litigation was the way to go. I'm pleased with the settlement. I'm pleased with the time frame from the beginning of the case to my settlement. It was a great experience.
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Gregory Mayes from Southfield
I was a passenger in the car. We were going West on 7 Mile at a light, and got rear ended by a traffic cab. I called Michigan Auto Law because I had questions that needed to be answered. Like how could my medical treatment be paid for and what might happen if I filed a lawsuit. Jeffrey Bussell from Michigan Auto Law was there to answer all of these questions and start my lawsuit. He was really cool and helpful. My case then was taken over by Josh Terebelo. He was an excellent attorney and a really nice guy. He represented me very well and got me a settlement that I'm grateful for. He treated me well, very respectfully, while he litigated my case. Everything was good as a whole with my experience at this firm. You guys are great!
Amy Smith from Rockwood
I was in a car accident last Mother's Day and I just wanted to know what my options were, because the crash was not my fault. First I talked with Jeff Bussell at Michigan Auto Law. He gave me some advice and told me what benefits my insurance company would cover. Jeff was incredibly helpful. Then he connected me with Brandon Hewitt, who has been helping me ever since. Brandon as been wonderful with representing me with my insurance company when they were giving me problems as far as payments. He also has wonderful communication via e-mail or phone. I never had a problem getting a hold of him. Overall, I'm very happy with Brandon and the settlement he got me. I would absolutely recommend Brandon and Jeff. They are with you every step of the way.
Melissa from Wyandotte
I worked for attorneys for over 20 years, and where a lot of firms will do a blanket standard of all kinds of cases - slip and falls, dram shop, divorce, criminal - Michigan Auto Law has always been known to be the firm to go to if you're ever in any kind of serious auto accident, because that's the only type of work that they specialize in. In working with and Jeff Bussell, I have seen that the lawyers here are experts in the field, in terms of trucking accidents and really being knowledgeable of the no fault laws that continue to change. I have learned the hard way that insurance companies don't want to pay money out, and they take advantage of the average lay person not knowing all of the small print on the insurance policies. You pay all these high premiums, but when push comes to shove, insurance companies don't want to pay for the benefits that are owed to injured people. When I approached Michigan Auto Law for help, I was under the impression that plaintiff attorneys are out to make a quick buck. But I've seen attorneys here have a humanitarian quality and truly want to help their clients who are having a tough time getting their no fault benefits. Unfortunately, the way the economy is in Michigan, it's nice to see people standing up for the little guy.
Heidi Patton from Howell
A lot of people wouldn't put the words lawyer or sensitive in the same sentence. But Jeff Bussell from Michigan Auto Law is just that. He was my first point of contact at the auto accident law firm. He was very professional, concise and detail-oriented. But I really appreciated the sensitivity he showed when I had to get photos of my injuries. He was very concerned with my comfort and had his female secretary take the pictures. I was having comprehension issues from my auto accident, and he was also sensitive to that. He would give me short, understandable questions so I still knew exactly what was going on with my lawsuit. I would highly recommend Michigan Auto Law, and Jeff in particular, for anyone who has been in a crash. My car accident lawsuit was not long and drawn out, and my attorney was very diligent in speaking the legal language on my level. Jeff made it clear to do what he could in his power to get me all the compensation that was available, given the driver who hit me was poorly insured. It was nice to know this since I was in the hospital with severe back injuries.
Wayne Moll from Grand Haven
I never dealt with an attorney before, but Michigan Auto Law exceeded my expectations. I was treated very good. I sent out an e-mail inquiring about my case late morning on a Friday, and just an hour later, I had a call back from an attorney. He told me exactly what the Michigan auto law was and what my no-fault rights were. I was happy with the way he spoke to me and how quickly he responded. This is the way he handled my auto accident lawsuit, very prompt and to the point. I would tell other car accident victims that even if you are hesitant or scared, do not be afraid to contact Michigan Auto Law. This firm is full of expert attorneys who know how to respect people.
Max Misekow from Clio
I had never dealt with an attorney before and I chose Michigan Auto Law based on the great things my friend told me. Whenever I called, I was always either able to talk directly to my attorney Jeff Bussell or he would call me back. I definitely felt comfortable having this specialized law firm handle my case, and good communication was a huge part of that.
Catie Earle from Royal Oak
I called Michigan Auto Law when I was in a rear-end car accident. Even though I didn't have a case, Jeff Bussell took a ton of time answering all of my questions about my no fault coverage and my car damage. He was patient and spoke to me in terms I could understand. And his advice helped me through the ordeal. I've dealt with other attorneys before, but this firm, from the secretaries on back was by far, the most kind, helpful and respectful I've encountered. If I ever need help in the future, I will definitely look to Michigan Auto Law.
Jane Davison from Traverse City
Even though I didn't have a case or legal proceedings for my motorcycle accident, an attorney at Michigan Auto Law took time to answer my questions concerning the motorcycle laws and insurance in Michigan. I thank them for that.
Angela from Troy
On May 1, 2008 I had been in a motorcycle accident where my back was broken. Although I am recovering, the people by my side (other than my family) were the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law. My case wasn't an easy one, and there were problems from day one. However, this law firm worked around the clock to help me received a settlement. They respected my rights and privacy and their commitment was not only to help me receive a motorcycle accident settlement, they were also concerned and helpful regarding my quality of life._ My motorcycle accident attorneys Steve Gursten and Jeff Bussell fought for me throughout my lawsuit. I truly trust them.
William Haskee from Royal Oak
My dog and I were walking down the street one evening and a pit bull attacked us. I didn’t think there was much of a case because I had a prior injury to my leg but I sustained substantial further injuries within the matter of a minute. They assured me I did have a case and that it didn’t matter I was injured before. They proved this to the defense and ended up doing an amazing job with my settlement. I was very pleased in the manner at which Michigan Auto Law handled the whole process, from them assuring me on how they would go about handling the case and their experience doing it. I knew I was in good hands with this firm. I knew Jeff and the team of attorneys and paralegals working on my case knew what they were doing and what they were up against. I stayed out as much as I could and they took care of everything while keeping me abreast of updates. Jeff is a really nice person, but it was kind of amazing to watch them go after the defense. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody who I had wind of anything going on regarding legal assistance. The work they did on my dog bite case made a difference in getting everything paid for and getting things that may come down the road paid for. I’m very thankful.
Mike Duebel from Livonia
I was on the side of the road doing some work and got in the truck to move it and was slammed in the rear of my truck into the back end of a dump truck. So I was squashed between two vehicles. I mess up my leg and knee really bad, needed a plate installed with screws and everything. I was in a lot of pain back then and I live with it every day. My brother saw everything I was going through and called Michigan Auto Law for me. I had two attorneys helping me, Jeff Bussell and Kevin Seiferheld. They were both great. Jeff got my case started and was very informational. He kept me keyed in on everything. When the case was passed on to Kevin for litigation, Kevin was the same way, Kevin is very direct and up front about the workings of my case. He was on time for our calls and appointments and I could always get a hold of him. He knew the law and what was best for my case. Nothing is going to bring my back to having my leg the way it was before the truck accident, but the settlement Kevin got me is the best it can be and will help me move forward.
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