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Amy L. Gubesch sets the foundation for successful cases through detailed discovery, case evaluation, medical record reviews and research. Amy is known for working closely with her clients, and supporting them throughout the often difficult stages of litigation.

About Amy Gubesch

Client Testimonials

Cathy Cobb, Detroit
Kevin was a great attorney. He helped me after my car accident. I knew he would take care of me because Kevin has represented numerous family members. He’s a good guy. Very professional. If you have any questions, he’s always there to answer them for you, along with Amy. She was also a fantastic attorney. Kevin and Amy got me the highest settlement possible and I’m happy with the way they fought for me. I would trust Kevin to take care of any my legal needs – and any legal needs of my loved ones for that matter. He has helped my family for years.

Legal experience

Amy has 20 years experience handling auto negligence, medical malpractice and employment discrimination cases on behalf of plaintiffs. Previously, Amy was an attorney for:

  • Garlington & Associates, Wyoming, MI
  • Rohl & Associates, Novi, MI
  • Law Offices of Scott E. Combs, Novi, MI

Working with Amy

Because Amy has been working with plaintiffs for two decades and understands their concerns, she has an easy-going, cordial manner that puts Michigan Auto Law clients at ease as they are experiencing the often tumultuous period following serious auto accidents. Amy’s top priority is helping auto accident victims obtain their No-Fault insurance benefits — and the best possible results for their car accident and truck accident cases.


Wayne State University Law School

Adrian College, graduated with honors

Memberships and affiliations

  • American Association for Justice
  • Michigan Association for Justice
  • Oakland County Bar Association

Client Testimonials

Oct 24, 2020, Melissa
Thank you very much. In a automobile accident. Called Michigan auto law and on the worst time of my life. Kevin H. Seiferheld, Amy Gubesch and their whole trio of people have explained and made calls back to me fast and efficient. Was kind and understanding. Answers every question. You can rely on them to do a Great job. Thanks again
Oct 21, 2020, TheDantemi Ansari
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Seiferheld, Alex Kemp, Jeffrey A. Bussell, Elize Vartanian Simon, Amy Gubesch, and all the staff of Michigan Auto Law who generously provided me with all the information and helped me to resolve my case! I would definitely recommend them!
Oct 21, 2020, Nitesh Sawant
Thanks to Kevin Seiferheld, Alex Kemp, Amy Gubesch, Elize constantly being in touch and interacting, collective team efforts and without Michigan Auto Law direction it was not possible to address 1st phase of the case. It’s a strong support I always believed, trusted, never had to check back.
Jul 24, 2020, Wendy Davis
Choosing Michigan Auto Law to represent me was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Kevin Seiferheld, Elize and Amy were very professional and diligent in getting my case resolved. Kevin and his staff exceeded all my expectations during a time in my life of physical pain high anxiety. I felt as though I had the power of the whole firm working to secure me and my family’s future. I highly recommend this firm.
May 21, 2020, David M
Much gratitude to the Gursten family and their excellent team of lawyers and support staff that assisted me through a difficult accident. Both my attorneys, Kevin Seiferheld and Amy Gubesch were outstanding in their support and care over my case. Thank You
Apr 2, 2020, Tayler Belinske
Kevin is an excellent attorney. Kevin, Amy, and Kevin's assistant Elize have always been available whenever I had questions about my case...and I have had a lot of questions. I consistently receive responses to my correspondence within 24 hours. Kevin takes the time out of his day (even on a Saturday) to talk me through tough settlement decisions and explains every step of the litigation process in a way that I can understand it. I completely trust him to help me to get the settlement I deserve for my back injury.
Jan 10, 2020, MrShadowcatz
I am at PEACE knowing that the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law were the driving FORCE in helping my wife to receive an optimal settlement. THANK YOU to Alex, Kevin and Amy for allowing her to take a backseat so that she could focus on healing from her injuries.
Jan 8, 2020, Paula Day
Hello Im Paula , Just to start off this is one awesome law firm.I have three of the best attorneys you could possibly ever need and want on your side.Kevin Seiferheld, Amy Gubedch, and Alexander kemp.They are very prompt and diligent at getting back to me on anything i may need or they may need.I highly recommend Michigan Auto Law if you need a amazing accident attorney😁
Dec 16, 2019, Debbie Clark
God provided a “Dream Team” for me at Michigan Auto Law to battle against The Auto Insurance Giants!! I was shielded by Larry, Mike, Kevin, Alex and Amy while they all fought for my case. Alex was put on the front lines defending me and I was awarded “above and beyond” on what was expected. Thank you to all from the front desk to Elize who are always professional and friendly!! I am truly blessed to have Michigan Auto Law on my side.
Oct 17, 2019, Anonymous D
This is my second accident that I had been injured in. I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. Kevin, Amy, and Elize were all great. I was even helped by the founding partner Larry Gursten. He was so kind and spent lots of time talking with me. He even spent time speaking with him from his home in Florida. I am very happy with everyone that has helped me at Michigan Auto Law.
Oct 7, 2019, kelly raimondo
I would like to thank Kevin and his team!! The past three years have been very difficult following my accident however, the assistance and support I have received from Kevin, Amy, and Elize throughout this period decreased the stress. They are the absolute best and ensure they are with you every step of the way!! Thank you Kevin and team for everything!!!!
Sep 17, 2019, Kristy Zito
Kevin Seiferheld and Elize are amazing. They truly care about your future and help you during one of the hardest times in your life when going through auto related accidents. Amy is amazing as well! I would recommend Michigan auto law all day long! Thanks again Kevin!
Aug 15, 2019, J
I am very thankful for all the hard work from everyone at Michigan Auto Law. Thinking of all that has happened, and what the future brings, I am confident Michigan Auto Law always has my best interests leading the way. I had a difficult time bringing myself to make the initial phone call. I did not think I needed a lawyer but I am so grateful I called; I needed help, and answers. I first talked to attorney Brandon Hewitt late in the evening and quickly realized my problems and concerns were important to him as well. He was very respectful to all my questions and our conversation started the trust I have in Michigan auto law. I have had a great experience with my attorney Kevin Seiferheld. Kevin is always informative and keeps me up to date as to what is happening and what I can expect. I am thankful Kevin has a great amount of support coming from his team, including attorney Jeff Bussell and Amy Gubesch. I always feel Elize Simon from the office is genuinely concerned about my well-being and recovery. Every email and phone call has been promptly answered and Amy makes me feel like I am the only client with whom she has to talk. There is never any pressure or hastily ended phone calls. Kevin has the experience and confidence that allows him to bring calm to the stress the accident has caused. Michigan Auto Law has assembled a wonderful team. I feel welcome and at home every time I come to their Southfield office or call with a question. I am proud to have Kevin and Amy next to me every step of the way.
Mar 18, 2019, Steve Fellows
My requirements for choosing a law firm to represent my interests were: 1) a firm with a solid reputation and respected throughout the legal system, and 2) their responsiveness to my questions as I would present them. I have gotten much more from Michigan Auto Law, my personal attorney, KEVIN SEIFERHELD and his staff. They are very easy to work with, which can only come from the experience of handling many cases. Kevin is very responsive to my questions and calls me back within a day from his ever changing case load, and I really appreciate that. He always speaks to the law in terms of helping me to understand it from layman terms. He is easy to relate to, as are the rest of his staff: Jordan Jones, Amy Gubesch, and Elize Simon. I can only give them the highest accolades for a fine job. Thank you all for being there to protect my interests.
Feb 26, 2019, Keith Garland
My relationship with Michigan Auto Law started after an accident in which my vehicle was hit so forcefully that when I regained consciousness one of the first things I did was to pick my teeth up from the dash board. The traumatic shock throughout my body was such that almost any movement was painful and debilitating. Driving was almost impossible and when muscle weakness, headaches and subsequent nerve damage became a reality I came to a startling conclusion. This accident through no fault of my own had changed and was changing my life. I came to realize that I would need representation and after research I chose MI Auto Law to represent my interests. My first meeting was with Jeff Bussell and at that time I was still hurt badly. Still, Jeff wanted to know how I was doing. Was I getting the right medical care and follow through? What were the doctors saying? Was I able to sleep, clean, bathe....all of this before we discussed the accident itself. This man was asking about me because on a human and professional level he cared. I walked away from MI Auto Law that day knowing I had found the professionals to represent me. During the ongoing medical procedures Jeff was never more than a phone call away and I soon got to know Elize Vartanian Simon as well. They would call for updates regarding my condition and would always patiently listen as I would tell one or the other the prognosis from the doctors. Even when I was in the hospital Jeff would call to ask how I was doing and feeling and to provide me with updates to my case. There came a time that my case was handed off to a stellar attorney at Mi Auto Law and his name is Kevin Seiferheld. Kevin took my case to the next level and with his research assistant , Amy Gubesch, they began a process of setting up for trial or settlement. Now, I want to tell you something.....there is a reason that Kevin Seiferheld is a great attorney. Kevin keeps his, "eyes on the ball" at all times, there is no detail that is too small for him to attune himself to and his attention to that detail is what makes Kevin a hard and one of the best competitors in this very specialized field. I sometimes am not an easy person and the pain from my injuries would at times make me cranky, they still do. Still, Kevin returned every call and email also making contact with me on his own. Kevin is an incredible listener and just as quick to provide the guidance needed in his specialty to keep you focused on your own needs and to remind you of the goal at the finish line. Kevin was at my side at all times during this process...talking, explaining, representing and there was no time that I felt alone or felt, "I was dangling in the wind". Not one single time. To summarize this referral I will state simply that MI Auto Law is the firm that you want to represent you or your loved ones in the event of an accident. Professional, caring, attention to detail in all aspects of your case the men and women of MI Auto Law are an incredible team. These are the people that specialize in auto law in Michigan and if the misfortune of an accident/injury should happen to you don't hire just anybody, hire the people who specialize in this field. Ask for the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law.
Jan 30, 2019, Karen S.
When I first started looking for an attorney to help me after my car accident, I did a Google search and came across Michigan Auto Law. I wanted to go with a law firm that did not advertise on television. After an extensive interview with Larry, I was confident choosing this law firm. I felt very comfortable with my main attorney Kevin and trusted his advice. He explained the entire process and had me well prepped throughout the entire ordeal. I am very happy with my experience at Michigan Auto Law and want to thank Kevin, Brandon, Larry, and team members Elize and Amy.
Nov 21, 2018, PAMELA STEFFEY
Michigan Auto Law was the best decision I could of made after my auto accident. I was able to concentrate on healing and they took care of everything else. Brandon, came to my home to start the lawsuit process. He was awesome and did a wonderful job explaining the process to me. Kevin was my trial lawyer and he kept me informed throughout the process and I believe that he had and still has my best interest in mind all times. Amy and Elise were very kind and helpful handling all the many phone calls and paperwork. Going through a lawsuit could of been so much more stressful than it was but due to Brandon, Elise, Amy and Kevin’s commitment to me. I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process. Thank you! I was pleased with the final outcome and highly recommend Michigan Auto Law!
May 8, 2018, Cindy Schwarz
Larry and Brandon were great from the very beginning. I then began to work with Kevin. He was always very attentive and professional. The experience with Michigan Auto Law was perfect. This firm is very personal. They make you feel as if you are a family member. I cannot say enough great things about Kevin and his team, which includes Elize, Jordan, and Amy, who have all been so helpful. Quite frankly, they have left me speechless, as this experience was so great!
Apr 7, 2017, Tony H
Kevin is a very friendly attorney. He answered all of my questions. Jordan is also a great attorney that was really well rounded. Elize was also very friendly to me and on top of things I needed for my case. Amy was very astute in her assistance. The staff here overall is on top of their responsibilities. If you are ever injured in an accident this is the firm to visit.
Jan 10, 2015, Darlene Schmechel from Taylor
I was in a bad car accident a couple years ago, and I hope it never happens again. But I was very happy with the way Michigan Auto Law and handled my case. I like their honesty. When you call, they take the time to return your phone call the same exact day. Amy is a very friendly person. She was very open with my lawsuit, meaning when I asked questions, she laid it on the line so I knew everything that was going on. She was very knowledgeable and cordial. I'd come back to Michigan Auto Law in a heartbeat. This law firm took care of me as best as I could be taken care of.
Mar 13, 2014, Vinwood Lowry from Clinton Township
I've been in three car accidents. I turn to the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law. I trust the firm. I have a lot of faith in them. They help me in a lot of different ways. When I call, I get a response right away. Bobby Raitt and Amy Gubesch represented me. They're fine attorneys. I would highly recommend them because they got me great settlements. But more importantly, they are trustworthy and will do anything to make sure you're protected. Also, I think the secretaries are fantastic. They really work to make sure you have everything you need.
Oct 9, 2013, Katharine Alfather
My accident was related to a woman who hired a rental truck and that made my case difficult. She had barely any insurance. But I was able to get the absolute maximum settlement because of my lawyers Kevin and Amy and their help. I think if I went to any other law firm I would have been told to drop the case. Michigan Auto Law fought for me. They always kept me informed on what was going on with the case. During my deposition Kevin really comforted me and he always considered how to keep my stress or anxiety down. I felt protected throughout the whole entire lawsuit process. I would absolutely recommend these attorneys.
Apr 25, 2013, Kim Gifford from Hudson
I was genuinely pleased with Ian, Amy and their team. They really did a lot for me and my case. the people who answered the phone were always polite and helpful and never condescending. I really appreciate that they took the time to slow down and explain things with my brain injury that I had. It was important to me because you couldn't see all my bruises. I very pleased with Ian and Amy. They are wonderful attorneys and I highly recommend them.
Jul 27, 2012, Aaron O'Connor from Clinton Township
I'm extremely happy with everybody involved. Kevin was a very responsive attorney. And so was Amy. When I called, they explained anything I wanted and broke it down into common person verbiage. I was very happy with the result they got me. It exceeded my expectations. I didn't have to go to trial or anything.
Jul 28, 2011, Leval Thacker from Harper Woods
My cousin recommended Michigan Auto Law to me after I was in a truck accident, and I've already recommended three of my other cousins to this law firm. I liked the responsiveness of this firm a whole lot. I have a closed-head injury from my truck accident, so I need special communication. My lawyer Kevin Seiferheld was really sensitive to that. He explained everything to me clearly, and he did everything he could to make me comfortable. My other lawyer Amy Gubesch was awesome. She was literally a shoulder to cry on. I feel like she's a friend now, because she was really there to support me when I was recovering and having a hard time. I could call Kevin and Amy any time and they would call me back with the information I needed about my truck lawsuit, or just to comfort me. I was in great hands with this law firm.
25 Reviews

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