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Michigan No Fault reform: Everything you need to know


The No Fault reform debate in Michigan is heating up. Our attorneys want to provide you with all of the information you need to understand the vital rights that are at stake under proposed No Fault reform efforts, and how such changes would affect you and your families on the roads.

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House defeats Duggan-Leonard No Fault insurance plan on 63-45 vote

In wake of demise of Duggan-Leonard-Theis No Fault insurance plan, lawmakers must make realistic, conscientious strides to lower premiums, preserve benefits

Why Michigan No Fault reform bill HB 5013 is bad for your health

Health insurance study further undermines Michigan No Fault plan to use benefit caps to steer car accident victims toward health-insurer medical coverage

Repulsive Michigan No Fault reform bill goes to full House

Insurance-backed Republicans on committee betting that promises of savings in bill will be too tempting for full House to resist

Expect more denials and delays under Duggan No Fault plan

Duggan-Leonard-Theis reform plan, HB 5013, gives auto insurers more “excuses” for insurance companies to deny, defend, delay No Fault benefits to hurt car crash victims

How insurers will be able to harass Michigan doctors

Duggan-Leonard No Fault reform bill allows insurance companies to harass doctors who treat injured car crash victims through denial of payments, claims of improper overutilization, refunds — even threats of criminal charges

Will Michigan doctors stop treating car accident victims?

Uncertainty of payment and insurer harassment under Duggan-Leonard-Theis No Fault plan will scare doctors away from treating injured auto accident victims

Duggan-Leonard reform plan makes it tougher to collect overdue No Fault benefits

Duggan-Leonard-Theis auto No Fault reform plan sets new hurdles for auto lawyers to prove owed No Fault PIP benefits are overdue; easier for insurers to deny valid claims to consumers; makes it harder for lawyers to sue and bring lawsuits for legally owed and overdue PIP benefits

House lawmakers unite in push for Michigan No Fault reform

Democrats and Republicans back Michigan No Fault reform that includes fee schedule, IME oversight & imposing fair dealing/good faith requirement on auto insurers

How the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is failing its members on No Fault reform

Michigan Chamber of Commerce president Richard Studley drops the ball on helping Michigan businesses compete, have real savings for drivers; ignores rising health care costs for employers and taxpayers

Mayor Duggan, where’s our 95% car insurance savings?

Shouldn’t drivers pay 95% less if the Duggan-Leonard-Theis plan is going to allow the insurance companies to slash No Fault PIP coverage by 95%, instead of letting the insurance cos. pocket the difference at taxpayers’ expense?

Crain’s story on “Duggan divides lawyers on auto insurance” is just wrong

Just one lawyer, speaking for himself, supports Duggan-Leonard plan. All other auto accident lawyers unanimously reject Duggan-Leonard-Theis plan

Steve Gursten on Nolan Finley Show dissects No Fault reform plan

Flaws and false promises of Duggan-Leonard No Fault reform plan exposed

Politicians pushing No Fault reform got $250K from insurance industry

Campaign contribution data shows House Insurance Committee Republicans who favor No Fault car insurance reform have received $253,075 from insurance industry

Takeaways from House Insurance hearing on Duggan-Leonard No Fault plan

Car insurance savings come at big cost, including $150 million shifted onto taxpayers, a “$25,000 bridge,” and admission that there will be no savings for $500,000 and unlimited No Fault cap options by Theis

Duggan’s No Fault reform to slash family attendant care 66%

For the most seriously injured car crash victims who need attendant care based on a doctor’s 24/7 prescription for safety, Duggan-Leonard want to cap attendant care at 2 days max

Duggan’s $25K No Fault PIP Choice Cap won’t cover medical, wages

How can Duggan, Leonard’s No Fault Driver’s Choice Plan work with a $25,000 cap that fails to even cover the average No Fault medical claim or one year of wage loss benefits?

Duggan, Leonard No Fault PIP Cap is $25K — not the $250K they promise

Detroit Mayor says $250K No Fault PIP Cap, but the truth is $25K is it for car crash victims. “Cornhusker Kickback” of $225K is for the big hospitals for acute emergency care only after car accidents

Duggan, Leonard plan overhaul of No-Fault car insurance

Car accident attorney analyzes key aspects of Driver’s Choice Car Insurance Reform plan advanced by Detroit Mayor Duggan & House Speaker Leonard

No-Fault reform won’t lower high collision insurance costs

Michigan auto insurers collect $330 million and $150 million more in premiums for collision insurance and comprehensive insurance than they pay out in benefits

What No-Fault insurance savings can reform really bring?

We deserve to know the No-Fault insurance savings from No-Fault reform before politicians in Lansing take away vital benefits and legal protections

Is Fair and Affordable No-Fault insurance reform the answer?

MI House lawmakers’ new Fair and Affordable No-Fault insurance reform legislation a better way to preserve PIP benefits, legal protections for car crash victims


Listen to Steve Gursten discuss No Fault reform on NPR Lester Graham of National Public Radio interviews attorney Steven Gursten regarding updates on recent No Fault proposals and how capping medical benefits really wouldn’t lower rates.


Talking No Fault reform with L. Brooks Patterson

Watch the full discussion in this series of videos as attorney Steven Gursten talks about the benefits of Michigan No Fault with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

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