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Michigan Auto Law talks No Fault "reform," HB 4612 on Independent Radio

Attorney Todd Berg Michigan Auto Law

Michigan Auto Law attorney Todd Berg was recently the featured guest on Independent Underground Radio LIVE, a podcast about national and state politics. Todd spoke with host Monica Ross Williams about the potential devastating effects of proposed No Fault “reform” measures in Michigan, like House Bill 4612.

Among a laundry list of wishes from the auto insurance industry, HB 4612 would reduce the lifetime maximum amount of No Fault insurance medical benefits for injured car accident victims from the current unlimited amount to $1 million.

Said Todd:  “On its face, the fact that catastrophically injured car accident victims are going to be deprived of substantial medical benefits coverage for the rest of their lives in and of itself should be a deal breaker…. There are all kinds of different ways to look at this bill and why it’s wrong for Michigan. Why it’s wrong for car accident victims, their families, taxpayers and the rest of us.”

You can listen to the live, in-depth report on Michigan No Fault reform and its consequences by clicking below:

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