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Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson praises Michigan No Fault insurance for ‘quality of life’ it provides to auto accident victims

March 27, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

In an exclusive interview with Michigan Auto Law attorney, the respected Oakland County leader explains his support for No Fault

Never known to mince words or pull punches, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson stayed true to form in a recent exclusive interview with attorney Steve Gursten of Michigan Auto Law, over whether to reform Michigan’s No Fault auto insurance system.

Here’s a short video of what the Oakland County Executive had to say about his strong and vocal support for Michigan’s No Fault insurance system:

Mr. Patterson turned up the heat considerably on the No Fault reform debate in mid-February, when he published his “Open Letter” on why  Michigan’s existing No Fault system needs to be preserved and protected.

In his letter, Mr. Patterson points out the total lack of  “factual evidence” being presented by the insurance industry to support “efforts to dismantle Michigan’s auto no-fault.” Mr. Patterson said he saw no “need to change Michigan’s Auto No-fault insurance system …,” which provides “the country’s best coverage for auto accident victims” as well as jobs and excellent medical care for Michigan residents who suffer from serious spinal cord, traumatic brain injury, and other serious injuries.

Below are highlights of Mr. Patterson’s interview comments regarding the importance of Michigan No Fault:

  • “The [No Fault Law’s catastrophic claims] fund provides an essential service and a quality of life and I think that’s how we should treat our citizens.”
  • Michigan No Fault is “unique” and it has “proven its worth time and time again.”
  • “People in [catastrophic and serious car accidents] need intensive care and will need intensive care for the rest of their lives … The [No Fault Law’s catastrophic claims] fund provides it. …
  • “The public appreciates what this fund offers citizens who have catastrophic accidents.”
  • Catastrophically injured auto accident victims will “end up in some Medicaid, state-funded nursing home never to be seen again” if benefits are capped. They’re “going to wither up and die.”

Stay tuned for future videos with Mr. Patterson on Michigan No Fault

Also discussed during Michigan Auto Law’s interview of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson were the following topics:

  • The importance of No Fault to Oakland County’s and Michigan economies;
  • How he saw Michigan No Fault benefit car accident survivor and quadriplegic Erica Nader Coulston;
  • Whether the public and Michigan lawmakers had all the information that would need to make an informed decision about such a critical and controversial issue;
  • And whether reform would translate into lower auto insurance rates for Michigan drivers.

Those topics along with accompanying video footage from the March 12, 2013, will be covered in future Michigan Auto Law blog posts. Stay tuned.

For more information, click here to read a comprehensive analysis of Michigan No Fault reform and the latest developments.

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