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Insights from Michigan car accident victims on no-fault reform

Recently, I’ve been especially vocal on Michigan no-fault reform. I believe that 2013 will be an important year that will shape the future for people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents in our state. There’s also been no shortage of coverage of these issues by the Michigan press.

But too often, the experts, the politicians and the pundits, speak from a detached perspective. Which is why more of us should be listening to folks like Sam Howell & Erica Nader Coulston.

I’ve written about Sam & Erica before.

Personally, I’ve been inspired by the courage and perseverance of these two remarkable individuals. But beyond personal inspiration, they provide critical voices on the subject of Michigan no-fault reform.

They deal with the issues related to being severely injured in a Michigan car accident every single day. They are intimately familiar with how the decisions in Lansing impact their daily lives, as well as, the lives of so many others who work tirelessly to rehabilitate themselves.

It’s important for all of us to keep in mind that these issues are neither academic, nor merely financial. They are a reflection of our collective compassion, conscience and empathy.

So, as we debate, discuss and decide upon the specifics of Michigan no-fault reform, let us not turn a deaf ear to the very people that this system was initially designed to protect, those brave, vulnerable souls who grapple with the very real consequences of catastrophic car crash injuries.

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