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Car Accident Settlement Stories With Settlement Amounts From Michigan Auto Law

February 25, 2020 by Steven M. Gursten

Car Accident Settlement Stories | Michigan Auto Law

Today, I want to share some of our attorneys’ recent car accident settlement stories.

These are important for several reasons. These settlement results and trial verdicts are the reason we can settle auto accident cases faster and for significantly more money than the thousands of lawyers and dozens of law firms that say they handle car accident cases. They are also important because the people we help can relate to these car accident settlement stories. When a car accident victim comes to us for help after they have been injured, they often tell us that our reviews, client testimonials, and these car accident settlement stories are the biggest reasons they chose us to be their lawyer.

Almost all of our cases and lawsuits end in very favorable settlements for our clients and we have an excellent trial record that defense attorneys and insurance companies pay to avoid. We have recovered the top-reported auto accident jury verdicts and auto accident settlements in Michigan for many years and hold the records for the highest reported trial verdict for an auto accident or truck accident injury case in several different counties in Michigan. Our clients know they can safely put their trust in us to recover the No-Fault benefits and the pain and suffering compensation for their injuries that they are entitled to.

Sample car accident settlement stories

Below are some of our Michigan car accident settlement stories:

$7 Million – This Oakland County wrongful death settlement involved a speeding driver.

$5.65 Million – This Macomb County case involved a car accident victim who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

$5.1 Million – This Oakland County wrongful death settlement resulted from a rear-end collision.

$4.25 Million – This Oakland County case involved a victim who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after being struck head-on by a driver who crossed the centerline of the road.

$3.5 Million – This settlement resulted from a wheel separation auto accident crash that caused the victim to suffer a TBI and cognitive impairment.

$2.5 Million – This settlement involved a car accident victim who had to undergo spinal surgery for neck and back injuries.

$2.1 Million – This Macomb County settlement involved a crash that caused the victim to suffer a serious head injury, headaches and traumatic optic neuropathy.

• $2.1 Million – This case involved a victim who suffered a TBI as a result of a Washtenaw County rear-end car accident.

• $2 Million – This case involved a car accident victim who suffered a concussion that was not accompanied by any loss of consciousness and there was no visible damage to the victim’s vehicle.

• $2 Million – This Detroit, Wayne County, car accident case involved a victim who suffered a head injury.

• $2 Million – This Bay County-area settlement for a lower back injury involved a rear-end collision that occurred because the at-fault driver was distracted and failed to see that traffic had stopped to due to construction being done on the road.

$2 Million – This settlement for a broken leg that required surgery resulted from a head-on collision caused by a texting driver.

For more car accident settlement stories visit our Michigan Car Accident Settlements page. You can learn more about Michigan Auto Law by visiting Auto Accident Lawyer Reviews page.

How can car accident injury victims learn their own car accident settlement stories?

Although people who have been injured in a car accident are frequently very interested in how other victims’ car accident settlement stories turned out, they’re mostly interested in trying to get an idea of what their own car accident settlement story might look like.

Fortunately, we can help with that too based on our attorneys’ years of experience in this area of law.

Our law firm has created a car accident settlement calculator, which allows injured car accident victims to estimate how much their case is worth and what a reasonable settlement amount would be.

Additionally, our calculator makes recommendations about whether a car accident victim even needs a lawyer (for many cases, such as for your mini tort settlement and for your auto No-Fault benefits, you do not need to hire a lawyer – and you should run away from lawyers who want to charge you an attorney fee on No-Fault benefits that are being paid voluntarily from your insurance company). Our car accident settlement calculator can help you decide on what your next steps should be if you’ve been injured in a car accident and whether you need to file a lawsuit to get the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

The Car Accident Attorneys of Michigan Auto Law Are Here To Help

The lawyers of Michigan Auto Law have been specializing in automobile accident litigation for more than 50 years. We’re the only law firm in Michigan that can say that, and we are proud of the results we can deliver for our clients because we truly care – something that comes through as you read the reviews and testimonials from the people we have helped.

If you have been injured in a car accident and you need help determining what your car accident case is worth, we welcome you to call and speak with one of our expert auto accident attorneys for a free case evaluation at (800) 777-0028 or fill out our consultation form. There is no fee and no obligation. We are here to help you.

Check out our car accident settlement stories! Injured crash victims tell us these are one of the biggest reasons they choose us to be their lawyer. Call us for a free consultation. Let\'s talk about your car accident settlement story.

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