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Heather Gillespie: Client Testimonial

Michigan Car Accident Lawyers Client Testimonial – Heather


  • Presented by: Heather Gillespie – Car Accident Victim and Michigan Auto Law client
  • Description: Heather Gillespie, a car accident victim from Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County, Michigan, describes how car accident lawyer Steve Gursten handled her case after she was rear-ended and broke her neck. Heather shares her experience working with the Michigan attorney and law firm staff. She also describes how their responsiveness and warmth ensured the best possible outcome for her personal injuries and settlement.
  • Length: 1 minute, 36 seconds

Video Transcript

Heather: Car Accident Client Testimonial for Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

I was stopped at a red light. And, out of no where, I was rear-ended at about 50 miles an hour. I needed to get a lawyer. I went to one of my close family friends, who happens to be a partner at one of the largest defense firms in the Detroit area. He told me that Steven Gursten was the best. My first impression of Michigan Auto Law was that everyone was very laid back, warm and friendly. I felt comfortable there right away. In my car accident, I broke my neck and damaged both my shoulders and my jaw; resulting in multiple surgeries to fuse my neck. I was ultimately fighting my own insurance company because the individual that hit me didn’t have good insurance. If it wasn’t for Steve, on the phone with them every single day, I sometimes wonder if I’d even be where I’m at right now. Not only did Steve answer my questions, but he answered all of my family’s questions and concerns. I’ve referred him to strangers already. I’m more than satisfied with the resolution of my case. Steve went out of his way to try to get to know you on a personal level, so he could fight for you, and your well-being, not just the case.