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Phases Of A Truck Accident Lawsuit

Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer Video Library – Lawsuit Overview for Attorneys

  • Presented by: Steven M. Gursten, Attorney
  • Description: Steve Gursten, truck accident lawyer and partner of Michigan Auto Law, discusses the phases of a truck accident lawsuit to help other attorneys with truck accident litigation. He stresses that settling with an insurance company before a lawsuit doesn’t work in a truck accident case; and that one of the most critical things lawyers need to win is to show the truck was defective and never should have been on the road. This can be done in the truck accident investigation, by obtaining valuable inspection reports and documents from a trucking company very quickly – before they are legally destroyed.
  • Length: 1 minute, 25 seconds

Video Transcript

For Truck Accident Attorneys: Phases of a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Settling with an insurance company before a lawsuit really doesn’t work in a truck accident case. Phases of a truck accident lawsuit: One of the most critical things that lawyers need to win these cases is to show that truck was defective and never should have been on the road. You can do this with inspection reports.

The inspection reports are the reports from the driver, the people that do maintenance, and the trucking company safety director. The federal government only has to keep inspection reports for three months before they are destroyed; which means in the event of a catastrophic injury or death case, you’ve got a very short time period before a lawsuit.

Don’t hesitate. Look for things like MCS 90 forms (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration form on Federal Responsibility for Motor Carriers), or potential shipper liability, or the potential load broker liability or the shipper who received the goods; all of these can be critical factors in the investigation of a truck accident, and in making sure that all of the insurance, and all of the potential defendants are found.

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