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Michigan Truck Accident Investigations: Why It’s Important To Start Fast

Having experienced Michigan truck accident lawyers from the start of your truck accident investigation can help beat truck company tactics that can hurt you

Big trucks are big business. Because many large trucking companies instantly employ many aggressive defense tactics following crash, Michigan truck accident lawyers must begin the truck accident investigation immediately. Here’s how a truck crash could unfold in favor of a negligent trucking company if lawyers are not on the case:

Altered accident evidence

Highly-trained investigators, defense attorneys and insurance adjusters who are employed with some of the larger Michigan trucking companies will often arrive at the truck crash scene within hours of the crash.

During the truck accident investigation process in Michigan, evidence may be altered or even destroyed to favor the truck driver or other related parties. For example, in one of our actual cases, which was a horrific burn injury caused by a careless truck driver, the truck company’s investigators actually moved the client’s stick shift from drive to neutral. Luckily, police photos taken at the scene exposed what they had done.

Trashed truck accident investigation evidence at the Michigan crash scene

Those injured in Michigan truck crashes must also make sure Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations are being properly investigated and pled by their attorneys in the lawsuit complaints.

Though the regulations were established to prevent misconduct from trucking companies, many truck drivers are still forced to drive for longer hours than permitted by law, and as a result, become seriously fatigued and cause serious accidents. Upon examination, the truck driver’s log records, receipts and pre-trip inspection documents can show violations of safety regulations.

But by law, trucking companies can dispose of these records after a short period of time. It’s not unusual for Michigan trucking companies to destroy or “lose” important documents that showcase their negligence in order to skirt responsibility.

It’s imperative that a truck accident victim retain an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer, who can assist in obtaining and reviewing these records to prove there was negligence — before they are legally destroyed during the truck accident investigation.

Defense attorney seminars

Because many truck companies push their drivers to work while tired, lie about their shift time and violate safety policies, there are several defense attorney seminars popping up every year to help negligent trucking companies avoid liability and responsibility for accidents they cause. These truck accident investigation seminars also enable them to mask or defeat state and federal regulations, even when their truck drivers maim or kill unassuming drivers.

What you can do to protect yourself during the Michigan truck accident investigation process

Again, action must be taken immediately to preserve and protect important evidence when a serious truck crash occurs in Michigan.

Because many trucking companies have such strong strategies to defend themselves when their negligent drivers and dangerous trucks cause crashes, it’s important to retain an experienced truck accident lawyer who has the resources and know-how to protect your rights.

Our truck accident lawyers have helped enforce truck safety regulations by blocking these defense attorney tactics. Steven Gursten was even named a Michigan Lawyers Weekly “Leader in the Law” out of 40,000 Michigan attorneys, for his efforts to promote national truck safety.

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