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Andrew “Dee” Heintz: Auto Accident Victim Story

Michigan Car Accident Attorneys – Client Testimonial (Dee)

  • Presented by: Andrew “Dee” Heintz – Car Accident Victim & Client
  • Description: Andrew “Dee” Heintz describes how car accident lawyers Steve and Larry Gursten handled his case and helped his family following a serious auto accident. Dee shares his experience working with the Michigan Attorneys, the law firm staff, their responsiveness and results that exceeded his expectations.
  • Length: 2 minutes, 18 seconds

Video Transcript

Dee: Auto Accident Victim

Our lawyer that we first had referred us to Mr. Gursten. He was concerned that it was a little bit above himself and he knows Steve having excellent reputation on what he does, would be a big help for us.

Well, when I – the first time I ever talked to Steve, he sounded like a professional, and even though all we dealt was with a – through the phone several, several times, he handled us like he had known us for a long time and really walked us through what needed to be done and how to talk to the people at the depositions or whatever. He helped us immensely.

The response in the office was unbelievable. When we talked to Elise or Joyce, they were right away to handle us with kid gloves. I mean, they literally helped us through everything and was attentive to whatever we needed. They helped us understand everything that was coming for us. Being unknown to what was to happen, they let us know on the steps to go through and really made it easy on us. We literally sat back and let them do the work.

I’m not the kind of a person to take things personally or whatever, but with my accident I had to and Steve just let it be known that it was just a thing that needed to be done for my future and he was right.

The results that happened with this all being over with was beyond my expectations. I can’t thank Steve enough for what he has done for my wife and I and family for our future.

Highly recommend him to anybody, anybody. And I’m a respectable guy, so, you know, when I say something to somebody, they know I mean it.