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Mild traumatic brain injury from car crashes, is it real?

February 12, 2015 by Steven M. Gursten

Attorney Steve Gursten to present on traumatic brain injury during an American Association for Justice national webinar today

brain injury lawsuits

First things first.  The word “mild” is horrible, and should never be used by any lawyer – or doctor for that matter – when describing a brain injury. It started as a medical classification, but that one little word has been responsible for more “no causes” and people turned away from courtrooms by juries than anything else in the world of traumatic brain injury.

But too many personal injury lawyers who should know better are scared off by the medical term “mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI).”  In Michigan, where I practice law, there are entire plaintiff law firms that won’t accept TBI cases. And sadly, as in the rest of the country today, the majority of the lawyers who accept these cases end up doing a great disservice to their clients.

Today, I’ll be speaking on litigation tips, tactics, and strategies involving mild traumatic brain injury car accidents for the American  Association for Justice national webinar. My presentation is called “Proving Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Car Accident Cases.”

Mild traumatic brain injury is very real. It is very serious. People with acquired brain injury need our help,  patience and understanding.

It is up to the lawyers who take on these cases to learn and understand the symptoms of TBI, the medical literature, and the real-life hardships of the people we represent, if only so we can more effectively be their advocates and communicate their injuries to juries and insurance adjusters.

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