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After a truck accident: When you’re up against a big trucking company

May 18, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Testimonial for truck accident lawyer after Pinconning, Michigan truck crash

Below is a testimonial from a client who was seriously injured in a truck accident. Jim lives in Pinconning, Michigan, and was rear-ended by a truck when he was making a left turn. Jim suffered some very serious injuries, and came to us when he had issues with his No-Fault insurance company and his medical bills.

Jim’s truck accident lawyers were Bob Raitt, and Alison Tomak:

“I was rear-ended by a truck. Bobby Raitt and Alison Tomak from Michigan Auto Law were my attorneys. We had to sue the trucking company that hit us but we also had to sue my insurance company. I thought Michigan Auto Law staff were very friendly, courteous and very eager to put you on the right trail. Bobby is a real down to earth, friendly sort of guy. Easy to talk to. Didn’t seem like your average idea of a lawyer. Alison was the same way; she was also very easy to talk to and very helpful. Everything I asked was always answered. My insurance company was real difficult to work with after my truck accident, and I think Bobby and Alison did really well for me – considering the big company we were up against.” – Jim Davies, Pinconning

I decided to run this testimonial because so many people today in Michigan feel they are getting the run-around, just like Jim. And many feel alone when they think they are up against big trucking companies and auto insurance companies. But help is out there.

The attorneys at Michigan Auto Law are experienced truck accident lawyers, who have the resources to go up against the largest corporations. Our lawyers can help to protect your legal rights and help you put back the pieces after you’ve been seriously injured from a crash.

Here are some additional testimonials from other Michigan truck accident victims who we have helped.

Steven Gursten is head of Michigan Auto Law and one of the top truck accident lawyers in the country. He is past president of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Group, and has received the top-reported jury verdict and settlement in Michigan for a truck accident case in multiple years, according to Michigan Lawyers Weekly. Steve was also named a Michigan Lawyers Weekly Leader in the Law for his work promoting national truck safety.

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Michigan Auto Law exclusively handles car accident, truck accident and motorcycle accident cases throughout the entire state of Michigan. We have offices in Farmington Hills, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Detroit. Call (248) 353-7575 or to speak with one of our Michigan truck accident lawyers today.

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