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Punitive Damages in Michigan: What You Need To Know

What Are Punitive Damages in Michigan?

Where damages are monies ordered by a court to be paid to a person as compensation for loss or injury, these damages are additional monies awarded when the defendant acted with recklessness, malice or deceit. Lawyers can’t legally recover punitive damages in Michigan.

Specifically, they are a way of penalizing the wrongdoer and making an example of them to deter others from engaging in dangerous behavior.

Lawyers cannot legally recover these damages against trucking companies that knowingly hire unqualified, careless truck drivers who commit safety violations that cause accidents. The absence of punitive damages in Michigan ordered by a court to be paid allows bad trucking companies to continue to break the law and put profits over people, and to avoid being punished for egregious behavior that results in serious injuries or deaths. This is one reason why the Great Lakes State has more truck accidents than many other states.

How it works without them in Michigan

The trucking companies have insurance and the insurance pays for the injuries or deaths the trucking company causes in crashes. Meanwhile, the trucking company itself avoids any punishment — or any deterrent to doing it again — other than an increase in its insurance premiums.

Because lawyers cannot sue a trucking company for punitive damages in Michigan, the worst truck drivers who can’t find a job in the states with tougher laws actually come to Michigan to drive large commercial trucks on our roads.

But just because Michigan’s law and public policy is one of the worst in the country does not mean your case isn’t worth fighting for. Despite the lack of punitive damages here, our truck accident lawyers have helped enforce important truck safety regulations to make our roads safer.

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