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Truck Accident Statistics

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe from truck accidents, we are sharing both national and Michigan-specific truck accident statistics.

We want people to know how many truck accidents are occurring and what the most frequent underlying causes are.

National Truck Accident Statistics

Below are 2017 truck accident statistics throughout the U.S. They represent the most current data available and reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in its annual “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2017” (published in May 2019):

Truck accidents involving injury and deaths:

Truck accidents, speed and harmful events:

  • “Speeding of Any Kind” was the most frequent driver-related factor for truck drivers in fatal crashes.
  • “Distraction/Inattention” was the second most common driver-related factor truck drivers in fatal crashes.
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way and Impairment (Fatigue, Alcohol, Illness, etc.) were the third and fourth most common driver-related factors. 

Michigan Statistics

Below are 2017 statistics about Michigan truck accidents. They represent the most current data available from Michigan Traffic Crash Facts (for “Heavy Truck/Bus Involved Crashes”):

Michigan truck accident deaths and injuries:

  • There were 13,416 accidents involving trucks.
  • There were 96 fatal truck accidents
  • There were 2,437 injury truck accidents.

Causes of these truck accidents:

  • Truck drivers speeding: 510 crashes, 2 fatal crashes, 125 injury crashes
  • Truck drivers failing to yield and disregarding traffic lights: 813 crashes, 5 fatal crashes, 214 injury crashes
  • Truck drivers unable to stop in assured clear distance: 1,226 crashes, 5 fatal crashes, 310 injury crashes
  • Truckers improperly using the lane: 705 crashes, 0 fatal crashes, 57 injury crashes
  • Truckers driving carelessly and negligently: 268 accidents, 3 fatal crashes, 69 injury crashes

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