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Truck Accident

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident In The State Of Michigan?

Advice from an accident lawyer on what to do now to protect your legal rights

“For 20 years, taking on truck companies” — CBS News, April 2016

“… Michigan attorney(s) specializing in severe trucking accident cases” — The Wall Street Journal, October 2016

Advantages of Hiring Our Truck Lawyers

For more than 50 years, we have been protecting people like you, who have been injured in serious truck crashes. We have recovered the largest reported truck accident jury verdicts and settlements in Michigan for our clients, and we are here to help you too.

For free advice from one of our attorneys now, call us at (800) 777-0028 or fill out our consultation form.

Warning: Truck companies can legally destroy evidence that proves negligence with a very short period of time

In this section, our truck accident lawyers provide critical tips and time-sensitive to-dos to ensure the best possible legal outcome after you’ve been hurt.

Truck accident tips and checklists: What you need to know now

Read several helpful checklists on how to protect yourself following a crash, including FAQs, what to do at the scene and 8 things to know now.

What qualifications do I need in a truck lawyer?

All about choosing the best attorney for you, and what to expect during your truck lawsuit.

Are you an injured truck driver? Get help today

There are many good truck drivers who are injured in crashes and don’t know where to turn. Learn about your insurance rights and what you’re entitled here.

Michigan bus accidents and FAQs

Frequently asked questions about bus accidents and your rights in a bus accident lawsuit.

Michigan trucking laws: When motor carriers break the law

Factors that contribute to truck accidents when trucking companies are negligent, and how a lawyer familiar with these laws can protect you.

Truck accident facts from A to Z

Staggering statistics and insight on this public safety crisis, and a special report on more than 1,000 trucking companies in Michigan that are breaking federal safety laws.

Making sense of truck accidents: The causes

How the causes of truck accidents are usually due to negligent truck companies and involve truck driver fatigue and driving violations.

Help for Michigan truck accident attorneys

A comprehensive guide for attorneys on handling truck accident lawsuits, with information on the investigation, discovery, experts and black boxes.

Get help from a truck accident lawyer now

Michigan Auto Law has successfully helped people who were told they had no case, or that their case was too old.

For help from one of our attorneys today, call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. There’s absolutely no fee or obligation.

For more information on how Michigan Auto Law can help you, take a look at testimonials from other truck accident victims. You can also read about our 100 percent client satisfaction guarantee.

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