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Car Accident Psychiatric Injury

Auto accident victims with psychiatric injuries

Michigan injury attorney answers frequently asked questions about psychiatric injuries and how they may affect you

Trauma, injuries and disability that often comes with an auto accident can leave many victims with psychiatric injuries, too. Car accident victims may be entitled to compensation for psychiatric injuries that are caused by the negligence of another driver.

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What are psychiatric injuries in the context of a Michigan auto accident?

Just as a serious auto accident can injure or damage a victim’s physical health, car and truck crashes can also injure or damage one’s mental health. These are called psychiatric injuries.

What are the most common “psychiatric injuries” suffered by car accident victims?

The most common “psychiatric injuries” seen by our injury attorneys include:

What is it about auto accidents that causes victims to suffer psychiatric injuries?

Generally, it is the traumatic nature of an auto accident. This can be true regardless of whether the victim who is suffering the psychiatric injury was actually involved in the car accident or was just a witness.

What if I was not involved in the crash, but I have psychiatric injuries?

The traumatic nature of an auto accident can cause psychiatric injury not only for the people involved in the crash, but for witnesses as well. For instance, a Michigan Court of Appeals case, Boertman v. Cincinnati Insurance Company, ruled that a mother was entitled to No-Fault medical benefits to cover her treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She suffered PTSD as a result of having witnessed her son’s death in a motorcycle accident. The court said it did not matter that the mother was not actually, personally involved the fatal crash.

What about other types of mental illness from a car crash?

Emotional injuries and major depression can also affect auto accident victims. Here’s additional information about emotional injuries and major depression.

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