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Neck Injuries

Car accident neck injury: Why prompt treatment and diagnosis are critical

Our Michigan injury attorneys discuss various neck injuries, as well as testing, treatment and recovery

A neck injury from a car accident can be life altering, and they require extensive treatment costs. We hope this resource center will help you better understand why it’s important to receive prompt medical care and legal help.

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Car accident neck injury – FAQs

Frequently asked questions about neck injury symptoms, diagnosis and how an injury lawyer can help.

Neck injury symptoms

Signs of a neck injury from a car accident and why you should never self-diagnose.

Whiplash or soft tissue neck injury

Advice from our Michigan injury lawyers on whiplash (also called soft tissue neck injury) that’s often suffered by auto accident victims, especially after rear-end collisions.

Neck spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury attorneys answer common questions about SCI to the neck, and examine the devastating effects spinal cord injuries can have on car accident victims.

Neck sprains and neck strains

Basic information on neck sprain and strain, which are frequent sources of considerable pain for car accident victims.

Herniated cervical disc injuries in the neck

FAQs on herniated discs, which is when a spinal disc in the cervical spine has worked its way out of its normal position and gets pushed into the spinal canal.

Bulging disc in the neck

Frequently asked questions on bulging cervical disc injuries, that often cause auto accident victims extreme pain.

Testing for neck injuries after a car accident

A list of the diagnostic imaging tests often used to identify and diagnose a neck injury after a car accident.

Treatment for your neck injury

A Michigan injury lawyer discusses types of treatment for neck injuries and the different junctures to determine the correct treatment.

Recovering from neck injury following an auto accident

Our injury attorneys review the recovery possibilities for several neck surgeries, and the recovery rate for neck sprains and strains.

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