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Back Injury

Treatment Options For Back Injuries

Our back injury lawyers discuss the types of back injury treatments and the different junctures for which the right treatment should be determined

An auto accident victim’s back injury recovery depends on whether the person gets the right treatment. But determining the right treatment is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

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Meanwhile, the right treatment depends on the circumstances of the car accident that caused that injuries, and most importantly, the details of that particular person’s back injuries. There are several junctures at which proper back injury treatment must be considered:

Time of the back injury

It is important to NEVER move an auto accident victim who may have suffered a back injury or a spinal cord injury. Doing so could cause the victim to suffer even more extensive damage.

The best thing that witnesses and standers-by can do is call 911 immediately and allow rescue workers to evaluate, treat and transport the auto accident victim to the hospital for medical care.

Back injury diagnosis

Using standard back injury diagnostic imaging tests – as well as a thorough physical examination – emergency room personnel and treating physicians will identify and diagnose the back injuries that an auto accident victim is suffering from.

Post-diagnosis of back injury

Once an auto accident victim’s back injury has been properly identified and diagnosed, there are a variety of treatment options that a physician may recommend. Back injury treatment options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medication
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Short-term bracing for the neck
  • Steroid injections to relieve pain
  • Surgery

Surgical options for back injury

Surgery is the most drastic and invasive treatment option. However, if a treating physician concludes that surgery is necessary for a car accident victim’s recovery, then the surgery options may include:

  • Fusion (Fusing or joining two vertebrae to stop painful movement)
  • Diskectomy (Remove herniated or damaged portion of a disc)
  • Laminectomy/decompression (Removal of bone overlying spinal canal to relieve nerve pressure)
  • Vertebroplasty (Inject bone cement into compressed or fractured vertebrae)
  • Implant artificial discs between injured discs (Provides stability and eliminates pain)

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