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Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2022

July 31, 2023 by Steven M. Gursten

Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2022

Our Grand Rapids car accident lawyers share the list of Kent County’s Top 10 most dangerous intersections based on Michigan State Police car accident reports for 2022 so local drivers can use extra caution when they’re traveling through these areas.

This annual list of most dangerous intersections is provided by our attorneys to help keep Michigan drivers safe.

In 2022, nearly a third (29.2%) of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in Michigan occurred at intersections.

Our list of Kent County’s most dangerous intersections reflects the latest car accident data available from 2022 on the top 10 interchanges with the highest number of reported car crashes. Our attorneys would like to thank the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit for helping us by providing the car accident data that we use to identify these intersections. The underlying traffic accident data analysis is compiled using motor vehicle accident reports filed by local law enforcement and police departments throughout Michigan.

What Were Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2022?

  1. US 131 @ WEALTHY ST, Grand Rapids, 98 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries
  2. BURTON ST SW @ US 131, Grand Rapids, 78 Total Crashes, 35 Injuries
  3. 28TH ST @ I 96, Cascade Township, 64 Total Crashes, 6 Injuries
  4. I 196 @ US 131, Grand Rapids, 59 Total Crashes, 7 Injuries
  5. 28TH ST SW @ BURLINGAME AVE SW, Wyoming, 52 Total Crashes, 23 Injuries
  6. 44TH ST SE @ S DIVISION AVE, Kentwood, 51 Total Crashes, 14 Injuries
  7. 28TH ST SE @ BROADMOOR AVE SE, Grand Rapids, 48 Total Crashes, 14 Injuries
  8. 44TH ST SE @ EASTERN AVE SE, Kentwood, 47 Total Crashes, 19 Injuries
  9. 28TH ST SE @ S DIVISION AVE, Grand Rapids, 47 Total Crashes, 1 Fatality, 16 Injuries
  10. 54TH ST SW @ KELLOGG WOODS DR SE, Kentwood, 46 Total Crashes, 1 Fatality, 17 Injuries

– Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit (NOTE: The list of Kent County’s most dangerous intersections is the latest data available from 2022 for total crashes at intersections in Michigan. “Intersection” is defined as any road with a traffic signal, four-way stop or roundabout. The crash data encompasses and includes any traffic accident reported that occurred within 200 feet of an intersection including near freeways (and their subsequent on-ramps off-ramps and service streets), divided highways and rural roads.)

More Information On Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections

No. 1: US 131 @ WEALTHY ST, Grand Rapids

This busy Grand Rapids intersection tops the list of Kent County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections for the seventh straight year.

However, the good news is that the total number of crashes at this intersection in 2022 – 98 – is the lowest it’s been in the last four years. They’re down nearly 27% from 134 in 2021, 14% from 114 in 2020, and 20% from 123 in 2019.

Similarly, with 10 crash-related injuries in 2022, that’s a significant drop from 26 in 2021, 23 in 2020 and 18 in 2019.

No. 2: BURTON ST SW @ US 131, Grand Rapids

Number 2 on the list of Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections is at Burton St. SW at US 131 in Grand Rapids. Unfortunately, total crashes at this interchange increased from 65 in 2021 to 78 in 2022. In 2020 and 2019, there were 89 and 75 collisions, respectively.

Significantly, the number of crash-related injuries at the intersection nearly tripled going from 13 in 2021 to 35 in 2022.  There were 23 in 2020 and 14 in 2019.

Data for other Michigan cities and counties

As we see from years of data analysis on Michigan intersection accidents, intersections with heavy traffic near freeways or retail businesses continually show up on these high car crash lists.

Visit our Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of the top twenty intersections in the state for auto accidents. To read blog posts about specific counties and cities click here.

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Kent County’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 2022

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