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I’ve been injured in a truck accident and I can’t afford a lawyer, now what?

July 29, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan’s contingency fee system allows accident victims to hire qualified and experienced attorneys – and you only pay if your lawyer recovers for you


These days, because of the nonstop nature of legal advertising on television, I don’t get as many people who are worried about being able to afford to hire me. I’m not the biggest fan of many of the lawyer billboards and bus wraps and television commercials, but at least they’ve helped spread awareness that all personal injury attorneys in Michigan can be hired under what is called a “contingent fee” system that allows people to hire the most qualified and experienced attorneys – even when they could not otherwise afford to hire an attorney who would charge an hourly rate.

Yet sometimes people who have been seriously injured in truck wrecks think that a contingency fee doesn’t apply. This is especially the case when the truck accident involves what likely will be tens of thousands of dollars in costs, or when they involve large commercial trucking companies who also have extensive financial resources and defense teams.

But the contingency fee system allows you to hire a lawyer in trucking cases too. And the contingency fee system has been called the great equalizer for this very reason. Although it seems like you can’t afford a great lawyer, you can. The contingency fee system in Michigan makes it all possible.

Our law firm understands that personal injury litigation can be expensive, and that people injured in serious truck crashes are the ones who need help the most. Michigan Auto Law charges its clients on a contingency basis, meaning that our lawyers are only paid if they win monetary legal damages for our clients.

We also advance the costs of cases and the costs of litigation until the ultimate resolution of the case, which is an enormous help for many of the people we represent who otherwise couldn’t afford to hire expensive experts or incur the costs of legal discovery.

Here’s more information on how contingency fees work. For more information, take a look at our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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