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Teaching Lawyers How to Handle Your First Truck Accident Case

May 9, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Steven Gursten speaking today at Ohio Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Seminar

Truck accident litigationLegal discovery of a truck accident case is very different from a car wreck case. And for any lawyer who only handles one or two truck injury cases every couple years,  it’s nearly impossible to immerse yourself in the  special rules and regulations that apply to big commercial trucks, as well as the unique industry practices that make truck accident cases different from car wrecks.

And trial of these cases is very different from any other area of personal injury law.  It’s important to keep the focus on the company that often pushes the drivers to break the laws – and not on the driver. It’s important to make these cases about “rules of the road” and to understand that new theories in jury persuasion such as “Reptile” fit very naturally in these types of cases as well.

Today I’ll be speaking to the  Ohio Association for Justice on a special track focused on Truck Accident Litigation. I will be speak about the basics for lawyers handling their first trucking cases, and give a review and update of the key Federal regulations that every lawyer who has a truck accident case must know. This also includes the essential documents to ask for in discovery,  understanding logbooks, and how rampant the spoliation of evidence is in these cases.

Finally, I’ll discuss key trial themes and the rules that attorneys should adopt in truck injury cases, and how to have the trucking safety director, the driver, and the owner agree with important safety themes and rules in discovery.

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