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How brain injury attorneys can use DTI to prove a case

November 2, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Brain injury attorney interviewed by Michigan Lawyers Weekly on TBI diagnosis with diffusion tensor imaging brain scan

Steven M. Gursten, partner of Michigan Auto Law, was featured in a Michigan Lawyers Weekly article about an imaging tool to detect traumatic brain injury, called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).

Gursten told the newspaper that although DTI is not alone enough for a brain injury attorney to use to win a TBI lawsuit, it can be used to back up other evidence.

Said Gursten: “You can never just point to an image and say, ‘There, that’s my case. But what you can do a good job of is matching up the objective testing like the DTI, with the neuropsychological findings. Let’s say the neuropsychologist findings show frontal lobe and temporal lobe damage. If the DTI shows defects or abnormalities in the same areas, then it’s consistent with what the treaters are finding and with what the lay witness, the doctors and the plaintiff are saying is wrong with him. It all… reinforces one another.”

Here’s the full story: Brain scan key for closed-head injury


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