May 11, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

Robert Raitt discusses top settlements for a pain and suffering after an auto accident

An attorney from Michigan Auto Law educated personal injury lawyers from throughout the state during the Michigan Association for Justice (formerly the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association) 65th Annual Convention and Rapid Fire Seminar this past Friday in Dearborn.

Bob Raitt

Robert M. Raitt spoke on, “Increasing Settlements for Pain and Suffering After Automobile Accidents: What Personal Injury Lawyers Need to Know.” In his speech, Bob stressed that attorneys must highlight the facts that make your client likable and worthy of a large settlement award with photos, demonstrative exhibits, blow-ups of abnormal objective testing and strong personal history facts from before a car accident, such as good work attendance and lay witness testimony.

The Michigan Association for Justice is an organization comprised of several thousand consumer protection lawyers, personal injury lawyers and civil rights lawyers who fight to protect working families when they are injured in auto accidents, by unsafe products, and by other peoples’ negligence.

Bob Raitt is past president of the Michigan Association for Justice.

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