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Michigan Auto Law Receives Top 2009 Car Accident Verdict and Settlement

January 19, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

We are happy to announce that Michigan Auto Law has received the largest car accident settlement and verdict in the state for 2009, according to a year-end compilation of trial verdicts and settlements by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Steve Gursten’s settlement was for a serious traumatic brain injury accident in Roseville, which is in Macomb County, Mich. In this case, the metal leg of a traffic sign that was not properly secured, blew through the windshield of the plaintiff’s vehicle, striking her in the head.

We also had a jury verdict in Lenawee County, where we received a record-breaking verdict for that jurisdiction. Our client was hit by a negligent teenage driver and suffered serious injuries, including TBI and a shoulder injury that required surgery.

Top Auto Accident Verdict and Settlement for Second Year in a Row

In 2008, Steve received the highest overall settlement in Michigan, based upon a tragic truck accident wrongful death case in Detroit. He also received the highest reported auto negligence jury verdict that was tried in Macomb County Circuit Court. This case involved a pedestrian who was run over by a pick-up truck.

Read here for more details on Michigan Auto Law’s record-breaking 2008 cases.

In addition to achieving some of the highest car and truck accident settlements each year for injury victims in Michigan, Steve has received the largest jury verdict in four of the past seven years. Michigan Lawyers Weekly wrote about Gursten’s successful record: “…considering the fact that there are approximately 4,000 Michigan attorneys who say they handle personal injury cases as part of their practice, [and over 40,000 in the state] the odds of accomplishing this feat are astronomical.”

With the latest year-end compilation, the attorneys of Michigan Auto Law have received the largest auto negligence jury verdict in the past seven years. Here’s a list of our top verdicts and settlements.

Michigan Auto Law Attorneys Are Here to Protect You

Our greatest satisfaction is obtaining justice for our clients who have been seriously injured or for families who have lost loved ones in auto accidents. Sadly, we realize that lawyers must bring lawsuits to obtain full justice, because often it’s only the threat of litigation that will force some insurance companies and large trucking companies to take full responsibility and change their practices.

We’re proud that we have worked very hard to make Michigan a safer place to live and drive, and that we have been recognized as Leaders in the Law for our efforts to promote truck safety.

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