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Traumatic Brain Injury

Steps TBI victims must take following a car accident

9 tips on what to do if you suspect you have a brain injury

Immediately following an auto accident, there are several important steps TBI victims must take. To speak with a traumatic brain injury lawyer, call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. We can answer all of your questions, and the call and the advice is free.

Take a look at the most time-sensitive tips on dealing with insurance, medical issues and treatment:

1. Seek emergency care.

Immediately seek medical help for your personal injuries and traumatic brain injury.

2. Document any symptoms and complaints you have.

Regardless of how minor they seem to be, write down any and all of your symptoms as soon as possible, Here’s a list of traumatic brain injury symptoms.

3. Understand that brain injury is a process.

Our lawyers frequently tell people that brain injury is a process – not an event – because the brain continues to undergo the course of injury for days and weeks after the auto accident. Doctors and lawyers often call TBI a “masked injury,” because many emergency rooms miss the initial signs of TBI and symptoms can worsen over time.

4. Ask your doctor for the proper tests to diagnose a brain injury.

Most doctors order MRI or CT scans, which show structural changes in the brain. However, most brain injuries, even severe and debilitating, will not show up on an MRI. That’s why it’s important to get functional testing as well. Tests to consider are Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and a Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT).

5. If problems from your head injury persist, ask your doctor for a referral to a neuropsychologist.

A neuropsychologist has expertise in brain functioning. Through a series of tests, a neuropsychologist can help determine the location and extent of any traumatic brain injury.

6. Continue treating your TBI.

Treat aggressively and find the best possible doctors as soon as possible. Although traumatic brain injury may result in some physical impairment, the more common consequences involve the individual’s cognition, emotional functioning and behavior. The National Institutes of Health recommends “cognitive-behavioral remediation, pharmacologic management, assistive technology, environmental manipulation, education and counseling” as treatment options.

7. Retain an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer.

It’s never too late to involve an attorney – regardless of the history or circumstances surrounding the accident. Our brain injury lawyers help TBI victims recover attendant care insurance benefits for car accident injuries that occurred years ago.

8. Know that brain injury symptoms are serious and disabling – but defense lawyers will tell you different.

Defense lawyers often hire notorious doctors, also called “independent” medical examiners, who accuse people of exaggerating their injuries or of having pre-existing conditions. It’s important to hire a traumatic brain injury lawyer who knows how to protect you, and who can expose these “experts” and their malicious, misleading accusations.

9. Report your injuries to your auto insurance company within one year.

Anyone injured in a car accident in Michigan must report their injuries to the auto insurance company within one year, or the insurance company can deny payment for medical bills and other No-Fault benefits.

It’s easy to comply with a one-year notice provision when there is a physical injury like a broken arm. But reporting traumatic brain injury can be more difficult, as TBI symptoms can worsen over time and often go undetected – even by ER doctors. Therefore, it’s important to report any and all symptoms to your auto insurance company as soon as possible. It’s best to consult with a lawyer who has experience with traumatic brain injury cases first.

Our Michigan traumatic brain injury lawyers

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