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Gursten tells WXYZ Channel 7 News about dangers of texting and driving – pedestrian deaths up 11%

Steven Gursten notes how nearly 200 pedestrian deaths alone in Michigan are avoidable

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steven Gursten was featured on WXYZ-Channel 7, Detroit, for a May 16, 2017, news report about the spike in texting-and-driving accidents.

Gursten explained that texting and driving, and other forms of distracted driving are behind the Governors Highway Safety Association’s recent report that projects an 11% rise in pedestrian fatalities. This includes approximately 200 people who are hit by cars as pedestrians in Michigan alone, and many of these pedestrian-auto crashes involve children.

Gursten told Kim Russell that instances of distracted driving-related accidents “have now reached almost epidemic levels.”

Watch the video above for the report.

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