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Gursten leads TBI litigation Seminar for Elite Trial Lawyers

November 26, 2018 by Steven M. Gursten

As President of the American Association for Justice’s Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group, Michigan Auto Law’s Steve Gursten leads cutting-edge TBI seminar

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten receiving the Melvin M. Belli society award
Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten being presented with one of American law’s most prestigious honors – the Melvin M. Belli Society annual Mel Award – at the American Association for Justice’s annual meeting in Boston in 2017.

In July, I had the honor of being elected President of the American Association for Justice’s Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group.

Now, I will be joining some of the best trial lawyers and TBI lawyers in the nation in putting on a cutting-edge seminar. The program is with the AAJ Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group and it is a special Members Only Seminar taking place in Washington, D.C., on December 1-2, 2018.

My mission this year is education. I want to leverage our expertise, knowledge and experience to seek real justice for TBI survivors, and this starts with education and helping the lawyers who take on these cases be able to more effectively represent and help the victims of brain injury.

The seminar faculty consists of 36 terrific brain injury lawyers from around the nation.

Here are the lawyers and the topics on which they will be presenting:

  • Steven Gursten: Welcome, Introduction & Announcements
  • Andy Young: Helping Your Client Tell a Compelling Story
  • Bryan Roberts: Understanding Who They Were to Understand What They’re Left with – Lessons from a $9.5 Million TBI Settlement
  • Tim Whiting: Managing the Difficult (and Unlikeable) Brain Injured Client
  • Andy Abraham: Videotaping the DME and Getting the Judge to Agree
  • Larry Simon: Finding (and Maximizing) Recovery for the Hidden TBI in the Truck and Bus Case
  • Morgan Adams: The Hidden Need for Attendant Care in TBI Cases
  • James Amaro: Novel Lessons from TBI Focus Groups and Tried and True Methods for Striking Defense Experts
  • Joe Camerlengo: Using the Rehabilitation Facility to Add Millions to your Cases
  • Jamie Williams: Biomedical Engineer, Robson Forensic
  • Rick Block: What not to do: Lessons from 300 Trials
  • Dan Buba: Novel Damages Ideas for Your TBI Client
  • Dan Chamberlain: Neuroradiology and TBI/Using the Medical Literature and Ethics to Impeach the Defense Expert
  • Michael Cowen: Perfecting the Consortium Claim in TBI Cases
  • Joe Fried: Big Verdicts Don’t Require Long Trials – Trying the Case Quickly
  • Woody Igou: Proving TBI at the Grey White Junction: Don’t Miss this Objective Finding
  • Jon Karon: Uncovering your Client’s Hidden Injuries
  • Ken Levinson: Making the Injury Real Using Psychodrama – Discovering your Client’s Real Story
  • Wayne Miller: Ecological Validity and Defanging the Malingering Claim Through the Raw Data
  • Stewart Gill: What to do When the DME Doctor Claims Mild TBI Doesn’t Leave Permanent Deficits?
  • Michael Neff: Takeaways from a $35 Million TBI Verdict
  • Dan Munley: How Can You Objectively Prove mTBI?
  • Matt Wright: Proving Sleep-Deficit Damages
  • Randy Rozek: Neuroendocrine Dysfunction
  • Allan Siegal: Not Every Brain Injury Case Needs to be a Brain Injury Case!
  • Gordon Johnson: Using DICOM Images from MRI at Trial
  • Robert Collins: Protecting the TBI Client from the Defense Witness Interview at Deposition
  • David Holt: Attention! How to Draw in a Jury in the First 30 Seconds of an Opening
  • Ken Trombly: Damages for Senior Citizens and Why It Matters
  • Ken Berger: Laying the Foundation for Trial Success with Lay Witnesses
  • Maxey Scherr: What’s a Couple Zeros? Fighting for the Value of a Child’s Brain
  • Robert Wagoner: Can You Really Settle a TBI Case at the Adjuster Level for Full Value? Yes You Can.
  • Marion Munley: A Holistic Approach to the Preparation and Trial of a Brain Injury Case
  • Jen Ojeda: Proving Tinnitus and Depression
  • Jay Vaughn: Standards for Neuropsychological Testing and How to Show Violations by the Defense Expert
  • Joe Cammarata: Cross-Examining the Biomechanical Expert in the TBI Case
  • Alex Kemp: Neutralizing Defense Surveillance
  • Steven Lowry: No Pain, No Gain? The role of pain and pain meds in the decrease of mental capacity, cognition and executive level functioning

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