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Spotlight on Megan Reynolds: Car accident injury survivor who only sees a “second chance at life”

November 30, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

I wanted to talk about an inspiring car accident survivor. Her name is Megan Reynolds and she’s from Grandville, Michigan. Megan was in a crash that nearly killed her. She sustained spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and a severe shoulder injury that left her in the hospital for nine months and reliant on a wheelchair.

But looking back upon the three years since her accident, Megan, now 27, only sees what she has gained, saying she received “a second chance at life.”

Milve.com profiled Megan and her courageous journey in its recent story, “Turning obstacles into ‘positive opportunities,’ crash survivor finds a way to continue work she loves.”

After her car accident, Megan had no movement or feeling from her midsection down. She struggled to regain the ability to speak. Her left hand was void of feeling. Because of these injuries, Megan was unable to work at the job she loved as a stylist at Sport Clips Haircuts in Grandville.

But this is her comeback story, after all, and Megan is back at it. Although she can no longer cut hair, she works part-time as the store’s marketing manager.

Says Megan of her car accident injuries, “I realized that instead of looking at all the problems I had, I’d look at them as opportunities and possibilities to overcome.”

Megan is a shining example for so many who deal with the life-changing, debilitating injuries after automobile accidents. And as an auto accident attorney who helps many people with brain injuries, I see first-hand how people struggle with the physical, emotional, cognitive and societal challenges of TBI.  For the victims and for their families, these injuries can be extremely difficult to cope with on a daily basis.

I also see first-hand how so many of the people I’m charged with helping persevere from such serious injuries. And it always amazes me. It really is something to behold and it is very inspiring.

Witnessing that healing come to fruition is one of the best parts of my job as a lawyer. I commend survivors like Megan for getting back up every day, even though it can be incredibly painful, even though people may not understand you, and even though the world is now a new and sometimes scary place.

Keep on keeping on. And kudos again, Megan.  You are a wonderful example of courage.

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