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Mini Tort

How to Collect your Michigan Mini Tort

Our insurance lawyers give you a step-by-step guide to getting the cost of your car damage covered

Mini Tort Step 1: Gather Necessary Information

In order to collect your mini tort under Michigan No-Fault insurance law, our Michigan mini tort lawyers recommend you begin by gathering the following documents:

  • The police report or “UD-10” documenting your automobile accident.
  • Your own auto insurance policy declarations page, also known as a “dec sheet,” which is usually a one- or two-page synopsis of all of your automobile insurance coverage.
  • A car damage repair estimate.
  • If possible, photographs in cases where the vehicle damage will exceed $1,000 (or $3,000 for car accidents occurring after July 1, 2020).

If you do not have a car repair estimate, and choose to send photographs instead, our mini tort lawyers suggest you send at least one photograph of your vehicle that includes the license plate, to establish vehicle identification.

If you have PLPD (personal liability and property damage) coverage only, meaning you have no collision coverage, you may also want to make a photocopy of your vehicle title and include it with your documentation.

The mini tort law only covers vehicle damage. If you were injured, please visit our No-Fault lawyers resource center to read more about what benefits you’re entitled to from your first- and third-party auto accident cases.

Mini Tort Step 2: Find the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

You will be sending this information to the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident. The insurance company is frequently listed on the police report or UD-10. If the insurance company information is left blank, make copies, and send this information to the person who caused the car accident, and he will turn it over to his own insurance company.

If there is no insurance company or if the person who caused the accident does not turn this information over to his insurance company, you can proceed to file an action in small claims court against the driver who caused the accident – or both the owner of the vehicle and the at-fault driver in those instances where they are not the same person.

The insurance company will want to pay the named-insured (the person to whom the insurance policy is written), where there is a collision deductible. Where there is no collision deductible, and where there is no collision coverage, the insurance company will pay the vehicle owner.

Mini Tort Step 3: Mail Your Documents

Include your documents with a letter to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident, requesting the money. In the letter, you should request the full mini tort amount you are owed. Remember, this is the lesser of the vehicle damage or the deductible, but in any event no more than $1,000 (except for car accidents occurring after July 1, 2020, where the maximum mini tort recovery amount will have increased to $3,000). For more information, read the sample mini tort letters below or call one of our Michigan mini tort lawyers at (800) 777-0028.

Michigan Mini Tort Lawyers Can Help You Collect Your Benefits

Michigan Auto Law is the state’s largest law firm practicing exclusively in car accident, truck accident and motorcycle accident cases. We have helped injury victims throughout Michigan for more than 50 years and three generations. Our lawyers understand that dealing with Michigan No-Fault insurance laws can be challenging, and we can help obtain your mini tort benefits and other important insurance benefits. To speak with a mini tort attorney directly, please call (800) 777-0028 or fill out our consultation form.

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