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Photos: Top distractions for teen drivers

Teen drivers are not only inexperienced, but they’re more likely than any other age group to drive distracted. That is a big reason car accidents are the No. 1 killer for teen drivers in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is the start of Teen Driver Safety Week. Earlier in the week, I wrote about how parents can teach their teens about safe driving to prevent car accidents.

Today I want to review the top driving distractions for teens behind the wheel in pictures. These are specific distractions cited by the NHTSA as particularly likely to cause a car accident when teens are driving.

Share these photos with your teens to help them understand what not to do.

1. Texting/talking on cell phone

2. Grooming

3. Adjusting the radio/vehicle controls

 4. Talking to other teen passengers

5. Eating and driving

6. Smoking

7. Reading

8. Pets in the front seat

9. Distraction out the window such as construction, an accident scene or things along the road

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