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What behavior do you consider distracted driving?

This is a video we can all relate to. It has all sorts of confessions from real people about their distracted driving behavior, from “texting my girlfriend back right away” to applying makeup while behind the wheel. The people in the video even talk about outside distractions that are somewhat out of their control, like pounding rain or getting twisted around.

As they say with any harmful behavior, awareness is the first step to correcting the behavior. In this case, realizing how your own distracted driving behavior is unhealthy can help you become a safer driver.

The focus of distracted driving has long been texting and driving, but it’s important to remember that distracted driving can include much more than texting.

Thanks to the cooperation of the government and private sector in this national campaign, more people than ever are aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

AT&T, The State of Michigan with Kelsey’s Law,,, and Michigan Auto Law have all been leading the fight against distracted driving.

This video was created by DENSO, a metro Detroit automotive technology company based in Southfield. Kudos to DENSO for stepping up to save lives and raise awareness with his video.

What kind of behavior do you think constitutes distracted driving? Tell us by making a comment below, or on our Michigan Auto Law Facebook page.

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