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Michigan drunk driving and fatal car accident statistics

June 25, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan accident attorney discusses fatal motor vehicle crashes caused by drunk drivers

The real tragedy behind drunk driving deaths is that they are always preventable. Now there are new laws in Michigan targeting “drunker” drivers. But even twice the punishment and fines are not enough to deter people from drinking and driving. The accident attorneys at my law firm still help far too many people who have been injured or who have lost loved ones in car accident death cases caused by drunk driving.

I came across these Michigan drunk driving statistics from 2009 (the latest stats available). It’s sobering to consider that each of these numbers represent a life lost in Michigan due to totally preventable car accidents at the hands of careless drunk drivers.

Michigan car accidents and drinking and driving

  • Car crashes involving drinking are worse – Car accidents involving drinking are usually more serious than non-drinking crashes.
  • You’re more likely to die or sustain an incapacitating injury – You’re eight times more likely to die and nearly five times more likely to sustain an incapacitating injury if you are drinking and driving, or in an accident with a drunk driver.
  • 35 percent of all car accident deaths are alcohol related – A total of 806 fatal car accidents occurred in Michigan in 2009. Of those fatal crashes, 277 (34.4 percent) were alcohol-related.
  • 299 alcohol-related car accident deaths – A total of 299 people died in Michigan alcohol-related fatal car accidents in 2009.
  • Only one vehicle – 66.4 percent of all alcohol-related fatal crashes involved only one car.

Motorcycle accidents, bicyclists, pedestrian accidents

  • Almost all motorcycle accident deaths were due to drinking and driving – Of the motorcycle riders killed in 2009, 29 deaths were the result of a “had-been-drinking” crash and 27 (93.1 percent) of these motorcyclists had been drinking.
  • Even people who are drinking and walking can be seriously injured and killed – Of the pedestrians killed in 2009, 39 deaths were the result of a “had-been-drinking” crash and 30 (76.9 percent) of these pedestrians had been drinking.
  • All of the fatal bicycle accidents (three) involved drinking – two of the bicyclists were drinking themselves and the other was hit by a drunken driver.
  • All of the snowmobile accident fatalities in Michigan involved drinking and driving – The six snowmobilers who died had been drinking.

By posting this information, I hope to help groups like MADD push the very important issue of stopping drunk driving and preventing these senseless car accident deaths and injuries. It’s tragic enough when people’s lives are forever changed in serious crashes. But when the crashes are caused by drunk drivers, that brings it to another level.

Nobody wants to be the one to hurt or kill someone by driving drunk. Please, follow the example of our accident attorneys by making a pledge to avoid drunk driving. You can always call a friend or a cab.

Next week, I’ll be blogging on how drinking and driving accidents occur most in the summer.

– Source – Michigan State Police Michigan Traffic Facts

Steven M. Gursten, partner of Michigan Auto Law, is recognized as one of the nation’s top auto attorneys handling serious car accident and truck accident injury cases. He frequently blogs about safe driving and is available for comment.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post to remind everyone to follow the law while they are on the road. It is impossible to create a safe journey if there’s a single person who does not follow the rules and ended up risking a lot more of other people lives. Please people, drive careful and try to think ahead to avoid accidents or high risks driving. Think of the people who you love and who love you.

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