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Stop Fraud by Insurance Companies in Michigan Now

July 24, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

As a no-fault insurance lawyer in Michigan, I constantly see victims of car accidents and truck accidents have their legitimate no-fault claims denied and delayed, forcing them to hire a lawyer for claims that should have been paid immediately. Behind every wrongfully delayed or denied claim is a family whose lives have been turned upside down, because an insurance company refused to do what it promised.

To make matters worse, Michigan is one of only four states that doesn’t protect its consumers from wrongful denial of no-fault insurance benefits. The insurance lawyers of Michigan Auto Law and the Michigan Association for Justice are asking that you join us in holding Michigan insurance companies accountable by signing this petition.

The petition will show you support a package of Michigan house bills that would nix insurance practices that deny coverage and create consequences for “bad faith” behavior by insurance corporations.

The bills include laws that would:

* Strengthen consumer protections by punishing insurance companies that illegitimately deny consumer claims with penalties, including a $1 million fine.

* Punish corporate leaders who knowingly create, foster or encourage wrongful denial of claims by making the misconduct a felony that could result in four years in prison plus a $50,000 fine.

* Create a whistle-blower protection plan to shield employees who report that an insurance company is engaging in wrongful denial of claims.

Please consider signing this petition to protect your rights in case of an auto accident in Michigan. If you were defrauded by a Michigan insurance company, share your story by making a comment below. And if you have been in a car or truck accident and are having trouble getting your no-fault personal injury protection benefits, or if you are confused about the Michigan no-fault law, our lawyers can help you. Call (800) 777-0028 for a free consultation.


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