Have you been injured? you may have a case.

Do I Have A Truck Accident Case?

The earlier an expert truck accident lawyer is contacted following a crash with a semi, the greater the likelihood that an excellent result for your case can be achieved. As Michigan truck driver laws and regulations have never been more challenging than it is today, good legal advice from the start will help truck crash victims avoid devastating loss of their legal rights, medical benefits and ability to receive just compensation.

It’s especially important to contact a truck accident lawyer when any of the following circumstances exist as you may have a case:

  • There is serious injury or death resulting from the truck crash.
  • When personal injuries from the truck crash impair the victim’s ability to perform or enjoy previous tasks, including work, chores, hobbies, sports and relationships.
  • The Michigan police report does not accurately portray the circumstances of the truck crash or there is disagreement regarding truck driver negligence.
  • When truck crash victims are unsure of how to interpret their auto insurance policies, particularly in relation to notification requirements and coordinated benefits.
  • If injured people are confused about which benefits they are eligible for and time limits for filing appropriate forms.
  • When truck accident victims experience Michigan insurance claims adjuster delays, such as phone calls not being returned, getting passed from one adjuster to the next, multiple requests for medical records, delays in payment and simply not being heard or believed.
  • When bills for car repair, medical expenses and loss of work are creating a financial burden.
  • If any reimbursable expenses are not paid by the insurance carrier, a law suit must be filed within 12 months from the date the expense was incurred, or you will lose your right to reimbursement for that expense.
  • Any time a truck crash victim is asked to sign a release.
  • When the truck company’s insurance company wants to settle – never agree to settle without help from a specialized truckcrash lawyer.
  • If the truck crash victim is instructed to have an independent medical exam (IME), or when important medical tests and referrals to specialists are denied or delayed.

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