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When Should I Call a Michigan Accident Attorney?

Accident Attorneys Can Give You Advice Based on Your Kind of Accident — and Some Lawsuits Require Legal Notice Within 30 Days

It’s never too early to contact an accident attorney at Michigan Auto Law. But sometimes, it can be too late.

Many types of lawsuits, like bus accidents, require very early, specific notice. Others, like a hit-and-run auto accident, often have uninsured motorist coverage policy language that requires legal notice within 30 days of the accident. And truck accidents allow the trucking company to legally destroy critical evidence that can prove negligence as early as three months following a serious truck crash.

An experienced accident attorney can give you sound advice about filing your accident claim and obtaining your medical benefits, lost wages and pain and suffering damages under Michigan’s No-Fault insurance laws.

Even if you may not have a reason to hire a Michigan accident attorney, it never hurts to get your questions answered and learn about your legal rights – at no cost. Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028 for help now.

Contact an Michigan accident attorney in any of the following instances

The first year following a serious accident or injury is the most critical in regards to getting the right medical care and obtaining fair compensation.

Contact one of the accident attorneys at Michigan Auto Law under any of the following circumstances:

  • There’s serious personal injury or wrongful death from the accident.
  • When your personal injuries affect your ability to return to work.
  • Any time you are asked to sign a release by an insurance company.
  • When the insurance company wants to settle! Do not agree to settle without the help of an accident attorney. The insurance industry itself has reported that claims involving an experienced accident attorney on average settle for at least four times more than claims without an experienced accident lawyer involved.
  • The police report doesn’t accurately portray the conditions of your accident, or there’s disagreement regarding who was negligent.
  • When bills for medical expenses are creating a financial burden.
  • For any claim involving a metropolitan transportation bus company (for example, a SMART bus accident where strict notice must be given under MCL 124.419 within 60 days).
  • When you experience delays from your insurance claims adjuster, including unreturned phone calls, getting passed to different insurance adjusters, multiple medical record requests, delays or denials of payment, and just not being heard or believed.
  • If you are told by your claims adjuster that you must submit to an Examination under Oath EUO) or that you have to see an insurance company doctor for a one-time independent medical exam (IME) before they will pay further No-Fault benefits.
  • When important medical tests and referrals to specialists are denied or unreasonably delayed by your own insurance company.
  • (If it’s an auto accident) When you don’t understand your car insurance policy.
  • If you’re confused about which insurance benefits you’re eligible for, and time limits for filing certain forms.
  • If any reimbursable expenses are not paid by your insurance carrier, a lawsuit must be filed by a Michigan accident attorney within 12 months from the date the expense was incurred, or you will lose your right to reimbursement from your insurance company – and you will be responsible for the incurred bill or expense.
  • When there is any Michigan attendant care claim involving the number of hours or the amount of money (by hour) that an insurance company says it will pay. The amount of money that an insurance company will pay can vary wildly depending on the company. In these situations, a good attendant care lawyer can often double or triple the amount that an insurance company will pay.

There are several other reasons to seek help from a Michigan accident attorney. To speak with one of our lawyers now, call (800) 777-0028, or fill out our consultation form.

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