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Michigan Car Accident FAQs

Our attorneys are answering the most frequently asked questions about being involved in a Michigan car accident

Michigan Car Accident Laws: What Are They

A car accident attorney explains the current auto law as established by the Michigan Supreme Court, McCormick v. Carrier – and how the No-Fault Act codified the McCormick decision as the law.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident In Michigan, Now What Do I Do?

Our attorneys give advice on what to do after being involved in a Michigan car accident, including the most time-sensitive precautions regarding auto accident claims and vehicle damage.

What Happens In A No-Fault Accident?

We address questions about auto insurance coverage issues, No-Fault benefits and your legal rights following a serious crash.

Michigan No-Fault Insurance Lawsuit FAQs

Our lawyers answer frequently asked questions about car accident cases and litigation, to ease your concerns about starting a lawsuit.

Auto Accident Case: Why Was I Told I Don’t Have One?

Four of the most common reasons injury victims are told they do not have an auto accident case.

Negligence In A Car Accident Case: What You Need To Know

Determining negligence – or who is at fault – is the critical first step that must be taken in every successful car accident lawsuit.

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